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The lights and the cooker and the dryer and the everything are on but no ones home.

Right there. Thats a title. So I got home from work today as usual (many hours after they stopped paying me) and reached into my pocket for my keys. I found the one I was looking for only to notice … Continue reading

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A plea to Irish Radio Stations

This is a plea to all Irish radio stations. I was recently horrified to hear a new song by the band Muse called Panic Station on the radio yesterday…and again today. It is by no means the greatest song in … Continue reading

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Sir Alex Ferguson and my life.

I couldn’t let this day pass without mentioning the boss. Today Sir Alex Ferguson retired his managerial position at Manchester United and I don’t know what to make of it. He has been the manager of the club I love … Continue reading

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What I want to be when I grow up! Steve – aged 27

Work has been an absolute bitch over the past few weeks and the other day I started thinking “What happened to my hopes and dreams?”. You see, my job is where dreams go to die. I would be prouder of … Continue reading

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Lyrics in 2013 – Taylor Swift “Trouble”

Its been awhile since iv done one of these as it became very depressing to post these awful lyrics by awful music stars who have become multi millionaires on the back of their lyrical excrement…until this song. Taylor Swifts song … Continue reading

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Steve vs FIFA 13 Matchfixing.

So as I’m sure you know I am excellent at FIFA 13 and even have a helpful guide for Steves People on how to win online and destroy your opponent while doing it. It’s called “The Steve System” and it … Continue reading

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Playing FIFA 13 Online : The Steve System

I have been meaning to write this since Christmas but I have not had the time. My post from last year about playing FIFA 12 online was very popular and damn effective so I thought I would update it for … Continue reading

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