Song of the Day, Week or whatever

We have taken down a lot of people in our short lives, no doubt, but it’s time to take on a bigger opponent…Shit “music”.

I can’t speak for Rory on this but I’m sure he agrees with me in saying that the majority of “music” on radio, in pubs and in nightclubs is complete horseshit. I work in a place that from time to time puts on awful radio stations and I actually feel my brain pounding at the sides of my head wanting to break out and die. I regularly have to listen to Rihanna, Pitbull, Kanye West, One Direction, Katie Perry, LMFAO, Lady Gaga and all the other over produced, over played, hyper-bollocks that pollutes the airwaves and hogs the time that should be given to ACTUAL MUSIC (new or old) and up and coming Irish bands. This displeases me no end.

So Iv been thinking, why not use this website to post music that we have been listening to recently or have re-discovered? Sounds like a plan. We don’t claim to have a higher taste in music and this isn’t some sort of “Fuck you” to people that know less than us or anything like that. We are better than you and we know it, we feel no need to prove it.

We do however hate the shit music that is crammed down our necks all the live long day and this is a small way to introduce other types of music into readers lives. Maybe people will pick up on a new band and stop listening to bellends like Kanye West leading to his starvation and death…win win situation.

We are particularly interested in posting stuff from unsigned artists. This website gets a shockingly large amount of views everyday and we might aswell use this power to help others…while helping ourselves! If you have a video of your stuff on YouTube send us the link by email at and we will post it on the website and link to yours.

Also if you, dear reader, have seen a great unsigned band in some dive bar anywhere in this fine country let us know!

You never know how it could go folks. We get a lot of views, maybe this is a good way to get your name out there.

So basically, if you want a song featured just email us, post on our Facebook or send us a tweet.



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