Millennial Shite

Over the last few years, it seems like all the talk (negative talk) is about millennials. There seems to be a consensus from the older generations that millennials are lazy, unambitious soft cocks. While I can understand some of the criticism, I don’t really understand why there’s such an obsession. There’s so many articles, studies and discussions about millennials.

It feels like history is doomed to repeat itself. I obviously wasn’t around in the 60’s and 70’s but I’ve watched enough documentaries to know the previous generations shit all over the baby boomers and generation X. That’s clear to see with the opposing views and ideology expressed through the generational divide around the Vietnam war and the summer of love!

Ironically, it’s the kids who were conceived during that era or a little before that , who seem obsessed with millennials today. Many pick on the entire generation because of the politically correct nature we live in today. That one is somewhat fair…when you hear about trigger warnings in Universities it does make you wonder! Also, millennials have now become the key demographic for pretty much every company to pitch their products too…so, if somebody associated with a company pisses off the millennial PC brigade, it leaves companies with no other choice but to fire them.

The lack of ambition is a funny one, that one strikes me a bit odd. Could it be that people my age are lazy, uninspired bums? I don’t think so…everybody I know who is my age, who I went to college with or am related to has a job. I think the label may be blasted out because millennials want more for themselves…but do they want more than previous generations? I don’t think so….

Look at this way. While millennials were learning multiplications and long division in school, the generation hating on them were busy destroying the world economy and living well beyond their means. My kid’s kid’s kids will be paying off the enormous debt occurred by them.

What about the leaders who represented and were voted in by previous generations? It’s almost impossible to find a job that offers a pension. Unions and the positive residual employee rights that were spurned from them have vanished. While my wife’s father has very generous paid vacation, good health insurance, life assurance and a good retirement…we don’t have a good pension, the rest of the retirement funds have devalued, employers seem to offer the minimum paid vacation possible and healthcare? forget about it!

This week HP had a lawsuit against them for ageism due to a statement from the CEO about hiring young people. More and more companies are trying to hire millennials. Why? 1.) Their customers are mostly millennials too and who understands them best? 2.) Millennials are a lot cheaper than previous generations due to few employee rights in place and non-existent benefits. Also, entry level pay was hit significantly during the downturn.

When my parents bought their home, it was a different time…you’d meet with the bank manager. They’d do a quick scan through of your current employment, bank balance and some bills and you’d get approved almost instantly. Home prices were also much lower. Today, home prices have been inflated by the fact the banks did a lousy job of making sure the people could actually afford these homes, with every Tom, Dick and Harry buying multiple properties as an investment and the result is my generation is fucked!

So, if you belong to a generation prior to us, next time you want to criticize. Stop yourself and remember that your generation has fucked our generation and at least the two generations after us.


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