The 2016 Election Bullshit


I’m sure I’m not the only person over in the US that feels this way but I can’t wait for the 2016 election to be over. I’m so sick of hearing about Donald Trump! I watched most of the Republican and Democrat debates until my son was born. It’s amazing once Conor was born I just didn’t bother. Not because he kept me so busy. He was asleep during the Democrats town hall and asleep for most of the last Republican debate. I just didn’t have the desire to sit through that shit again.


I like Bernie Sanders but I can’t listen to him any more either. He sticks to his core issue which I understand. The massive gulf in wealth and equality is actually likely the lynch pin for majority of big domestic based issues. Inequality is helping to feed the military industrial complex, it’s keeping generations of families poor…anyways…I was about to rant myself about it, which I have done in previous posts but I won’t. I’m just making the point. I agree whole heartedly with Bernie BUT I don’t want to hear that same message again and again at this stage. The election circus starts waaaaaayyy too early!

I have decided. I will vote for Bernie in the primary here. If he doesn’t get the nomination which looks very likely, I’m just not going to vote this time around. I’ve voted in three US Presidential elections. I’ve actually voted Republican, Democrat and Libertarian! When I voted libertarian it wasn’t because I shared their believes. I sure as hell don’t! I don’t think everyone should be free to do whatever the hell they want. I believe a sizable minority of people are fucking idiots…dangerous idiots that need guidelines and shouldn’t be given free reign. I voted libertarian because I believed in their goal of getting at least 5% of the votes to try to get closer to presenting a viable third choice in the future.

This time around even if it’s Clinton vs Trump. I won’t vote. I won’t vote to prevent Trump becoming President even though I do believe he’d tear the hole out of the United States and possibly the world.

Change has to happen…I believe Bernie would start the very, very long road to boosting the quality of life for Americans. He won’t be able to accomplish everything he has set out, particularly if people don’t get behind him after he’s elected to help straighten out the rest of the assholes in Washington. As he has stated, he won’t be able to get anything done if he doesn’t have the support of the people once elected.

I believe Trump would give even more power to big business and worse still, do everything he can for himself and his interests and nothing for the average citizen. He may even cause massive global unrest. What if the rest of the world finally has it with the US swinging our dick around in everyones face? What if efforts are ramped up to either move to a standard digital currency or a new shared currency between some of the larger developed countries without the US? What if that becomes the new standard for global trade?…we’re in a very precarious position. We don’t have the policies and programs in place to absorb that happening. The value of the dollar would plummet….but hey, maybe it’s time for this empire to fall.


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8 Responses to The 2016 Election Bullshit

  1. Marcin says:

    To keep things in balance I will strongly disagree. Bernie is a socialist meaning he will start taxing hard working people even more which means less money for middle income earners. Don’t know how anyone could support him unless you believe in ‘free’ things that you’re gonna get. What you will most likely get under Bernie is higher taxes on ordinary people. Why? Because high earners and corporations are already paying most of the taxes. Poor people pay almost no taxes because they make no income, they cost money. US corporations tax rate is 35%, it’s already highest in developed world. How exactly increasing taxes on companies going to help? It won’t. It will reduce unemployment cause companies will have less money to invest.

    I left the tax hell Europe last year and don’t want US to become one. I paid 52% income tax in Ireland on salary less than $100k, paid 2x more for a gallon of gas, 23% sales tax, paid $1100 rent for 500 sq feet apartment in Dublin in exchange for crappy healthcare and education. No thank you.

    • I don’t get why people say that line about free things?…nothing is free. You are also contradicting yourself by then mentioning the high taxes…there’s no free things.

      Irish education in general is better than in the US. A high standard of education is accessible to the majority of people in Ireland. The healthcare system in Ireland is awful but it’s not as bad as the United States when it comes to cost and accessibility…my insurance company got billed over 50k for the birth of my child here…this system is broken and I’d wager a bet that per capita more people have died due to lack of care in the US than in Ireland over the last 20 years.

      It’s all prerogative. My effective tax rate over here is about 36%…now, in Ireland. I was paying 28% on the first 39k and 41% on anything over that. In essence, when I break it down. I paid a bit more in Ireland than in the US in income tax..because my effective tax rate in the US is high across the my entire salary. It also doesn’t help that I had no dependents. All of that doesn’t matter really because I am making a much higher salary here than I could in Ireland. This is true but I don’t particularly want to work at the level I am now for the rest of my life. I can’t work 14+ hour days for the next 40 years. I’ll die of a heart attack before I reach 50. I can make my money now and move home to a nicer pace of life.

      Aside from this. America has a much bigger problem than Ireland. America is reliant upon the fact the rest of the world uses the US dollar as the universal currency for trading. That allows the US to print dollars on demand….if and it’s not really an if, more of a when… when the rest of the world decides on a different universal currency. The US won’t be able to print it’s way out of problems. The US dollar will be worth nada…all of the US debt will then be on the table. What happens then?…given the current US system…that will be pretty grim. A depression in the US of that magnitude won’t just result in people losing their jobs and living kind of tight. It will be chaos. But in fairness, every empire in history has fallen. The US seems to be showing cracks.

      The only hope for America, in my opinion is to start spreading around the money now while it’s worth something and educating the people to be able to deal with the situation that’s coming. You’d think the super wealthy wouldn’t want to live in a country surrounded by crazy poor people…but maybe they don’t mind. I don’t know….even so, I’d imagine they don’t want their fortunes to devalue significantly overnight either…though the smart ones invest in ‘safe haven’ currencies…which right now has been identified as the euro. Not a good thing for Europe either though..that brings a lot of bad money and a false economy to the EU.

      The majority of manual jobs will be automated pretty soon too. What then?…the unemployment here is already high (much higher than the figure reported…since the US cleverly cuts people off after being unemployed for so long).

      Any economy relies on a strong middle class. If you the majority of the wealth is held by a small number of people, that’s not good. You have billions of dollars tied up in that’s not actually doing anything. It’s not circulating…it’s basically worthless to the general economy as it’s not getting spent. As Bill Gates has said himself…he doesn’t really splurge. Most billionaires will never ever spend the money they have in their lifetime.

      The current American system is a sham. NOTHING here is as it seems. It will be sad when the empire falls because America drives a lot of great innovation but I guess at least it may bring a little more stability to the world. It might slow down the globalization and death of innocents in it’s name.

      We’ll see, I guess.

  2. kristina says:

    Not voting is a vote for Trump, unfortunately. Back in 2000, that’s how we wound up with 8 years of Bush, 9/11, the Iraq and Afghani wars, and so much else that went sideways. That election came down to a few people who decided that no matter what, they would vote for Nader or not at all. And Bush won.

    As you rightly put it, Trump will tear a hole out of the world, and I’m hoping he is never given the chance.

    • Unfortunately, we reap what we sow. The success of Trump thus far should highlight the major problems with the US political system. Unfortunately, I can’t in good conscience vote for Hillary either.

      • kristina says:

        I’m voting for Sanders in the Primaries. Sanders supporters had discussed a write-in campaign, should Sanders *not* win, but when it comes down to it, most folks will vote against Trump rather than not vote at all. I respect your feelings though — I share them.

    • Elizabeth Nestor says:

      Ditto what Jaime said.

      And although I wish you would vote against Trump however you can, I too respect your feelings on the matter and hope to Christ that this whole shitshow scares the good old boy network that is the U S of A straight.

      Good day to you, sir.

  3. Jaime says:

    I would appreciate it if you would stop being so awesome.
    It would help me out a lot, alright?
    I’m trying hard not to fall in love with you, ye idiot!
    But seriously, Bro, you hit the nail on the head every time.
    I don’t know if it’s being an outsider and an insider at the same time that gives you such a perspective, but it’s amazing to me whenever I read your posts.
    I know you are super selfish ( lol!) and only write to vent.
    But I have to tell you–do NOT underestimate it if you happen to touch another person( or many persons) with your thoughts and feelings.
    It does mean something, I think.😄
    I also really love hearing about the love for your girl and the wonderful gift that is your child.
    Again, just want to say thank you for your continued posts.
    You are a lovely fella.
    Best always,
    Jaime ( in San Fran)

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