A month of changes

Over the last month I made a few changes in my life. I pretty much cut out posting on Facebook and I stopped eating meat. The Facebook decision wasn’t deliberate…I just stopped posting. I didn’t notice until about a week ago my mother pointed it out to me. I moved to Arizona on my lonesome. It was pretty scary moving 5k miles away. The only people I knew in America were on the East Coast. No joke, my relatives on the East Coast would nearly have been as close to me when living in Ireland than where I am now. This is a huge ass country.

I’m not missing Facebook too much to be honest. I never got much out of it. I would just use it as a journal. Posting stories and my opinion about them. I started posting more and more after they added the timeline feature. I find it interesting to look back through from time to time. I can see how I felt about American before moving over here and after moving here and then again after a few years of living here. That has been some transition.

Giving up meat was not some cavalier attempt at loving all of God’s creatures more. It is down to the fact that within 4 months of moving to the US, I started having really bad stomach pains that became more and more frequent. They became a nightly occurrence. I have tried cutting many things from my diet. Bread, Soda, Spicy food, Alcohol, Chocolate, Reduce Sugar intake etc. Nothing has helped. So, I decided to give up meat. Whilst, I can’t say it has completely eradicated my problems. I can say it has helped a little but AND I haven’t found the process that difficult. It turns out, I like Tofu!

I’ve been eating a Tofu with most meals. Though, some times I’ll just have Pasta or Rice. It’s been pretty good. If anybody is reading this and wants to try. Check out Trader Joes and even Target for meatless options. There’s some good stuff out there. And if you want to eat out, Pei Wei has really good Tofu. Once a week, I’ll usually treat myself to a Cheese Pizza. I’m lucky, my fiancé has been very supportive and had has prepared many of my meals for me! (I’m a useless f*ck when it comes to cooking). Will I keep up the vegetarian lifestyle? I will to a degree but I think, mostly due to convenience, I will adopt a caveman diet. Eating mostly vegetarian and eating meat from time to time.

Another change in my life over the last 3 months is the fact that I’ve been working 3 jobs. It’s kind of strange how all of that happened. Again not knowingly but I just started saying Yes to everything all of a sudden and found myself with a coveted CTO title for one company, a 40 hour a week contracting gig and another flexi-hour contracting gig with a really cool start up company. I also became involved with a local User Group as a leader. This year, I decided, I would only present twice and I was on track for that until a few weeks ago…I have already presented 3 times this year, now AND I’m scheduled to present 4 more times between now and November.

To say I’m feeling stressed out would be putting it lightly. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from anxiety quite a bit for a while now. Mostly during the night…which, coupled with the fact my dietary changes has had such little impact on my diet makes me think maybe my stomach problems are just stress related. I’m hoping the hard work that I’m putting in now will stand to me in the future. I have surprised myself with the level of success that I have achieved to this point. I have never been a career driven person. In fact, I cringe hearing, saying or typing the word ‘career’….it seems like a pretty dumb concept. Working is a means to an end for me…I hope… In the last 5 years, I have become so consumed by it. It’s great for bank account but bad for my health. I just hope I cash out before my body decides to cash out for me!


In a bid to not end on a bummer! I do have an amazing, beautiful, smart, funny and loving fiance with whom I am sure to build an exciting future with. My brother and mother are coming over to Arizona to visit in November, I’ve got tickets to go see the Book of Mormon, I bought my first high quality camera AND of course, I have the gift that keeps on giving (usually in the form of shit) my puppy Lemon! That’s me and my story right now. Hope all is well in your world. Later!


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4 Responses to A month of changes

  1. Jason Norris says:

    I would definitely suggest returning to Ireland at the earliest possible opportunity. It’s easy to become consumed in the competitive rat race in the U.S, hence working 3 jobs. It’s completely messed up, but embedded in our culture. This is the #1 reason I asked about moving to Ireland on one of your previous posts. I know I can make more money here in my profession, especially since I don’t hold a degree, but the quality of life is my driving factor as I approach 40. I’m getting too old for this shit. I also agree with Charlie in respects to the processed foods here. No doubt that’s probably the cause of your problems. Hopefully you get some relief soon, physically and mentally. Life’s too short!

    • Thanks, Jason. I’m with you. Ireland is by no means perfect but I miss the way of life. Hopefully within the next 5 years. I’ll be home. I hope the Dollar taking a dump is temporary!!

  2. I became a vegetarian 7 years ago because I wanted to, in my own way, protest the way America produces meat. It’s not safe and it’s certainly not good for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt awful after eating our meat here. You might also want to pay attention to processed foods. I image you ate processed foods in Ireland, but over here it’s much worse. I would recommend avoiding them all together, watching your sugar intake (Americans put sugar in EVERYTHING, so read the labels) and eating 100% whole grain, organic wheat. The way Ireland grows and produces wheat is entirely different as well. If I understand it correctly, you guys don’t let it grow for as long as we do and it’s ground in a different way. I have to have flour shipped from Ireland to make breads with because the wheat here doesn’t hold up the same way. That might be a good way to start off.

    For your stress, grab a bottle of L-theanine from the drug store or a vitamin shoppe. L-theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea. It promotes cardiovascular health, relaxation and focus. My entire family takes it it because we tend to get horrible anxiety and have problems concentrating. It’s all over a natural calming agent and helps you sleep. You can pair it with Ashwagandha which is an herb used mainly for stress relief but also is known to lower cortisol, balance hormones (which you’ll need eating all that estrogen-ridden tofu) and is also known to be an aphrodisiac. My mother also swears by GABA which is another amino acid found in the human brain and eyes that assists in regulating brain activity. It is naturally a depressant but taken orally, the body only allows a small dose into the brain to inhibit neuron firing causing more of a natural tranquilizing effect. Therefore, I recommend only taking it before bed. L-theanine and Ashwagandha should be taken twice daily, at the same time every day to get the best effect.

    Hope this helps some. I actually stopped taking mine and have now just talked myself into getting on my regime again…. and possibly drugging my husband with some GABA cause, fuck, that kid’s ADHA is exhausting. Don’t tell him I said that…..

    In the meantime, if you want some new veggie recipes to try (or for your new fiancé to make -congrats!) hit me up on Twitter and I’ll send you some. Good luck, buster!

    • Thanks, Charlie! I had thought it was the meat here. It may still have been. Maybe the damage has been done and now it’s just damage control from here on out. I’m thinking we’ll definitely move to Ireland at some point

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