My Favorite Cover Songs

These won’t be in any particular order. But here’s some covers that I love.

John Legend covering Bruce Springsteens Dancing in the Dark. Personally, I always thought the lyrics of the song are amazing but the tempo was never just didn’t jive. This version does the lyrics more justice

Similar to Dancing in the Dark, John also did an amazing cover of Pride by U2. Bono sang it with meaning but again, I think it was too ‘rocky’ for the lyrics. It should have been more meaningful and John Legends rendition gave it more meaning.

Changing gears a bit. This version of Hurt was so powerful and incredible that the original artists, Nine Inch Nails, proclaimed that it was no longer their song. It was Johnny Cashs, he did it better than they ever could.

Here’s an Irish lad doing a cover. When I got Grand Theft Auto V, I rediscovered the original version and remembered how much I love it. Then this cover was featured in an ad for Irish tourism. It’s amazing.

As I sit here getting nice and drunk, posting these videos, I realize that I seem to have a hard on for pianist. Ah tee hee! Here’s on by Ben Folds, an amazing musician. Some people don’t like his voice, they think it’s grating but whatever. Here’s his cover of an N.W.A song…I can’t say it captures any deep meaning, it’s almost satire!

Ok, this is a stretch but I love it, so fuck you. This is a cover of the Memphis city Jugband from 1928. I hope they’d be cool with a bunch of Irish white boys covering their song. They do a great version!

I love pretty much anything Serj Tankian does, So this one has to feature. Holiday in Cambodia!!

Here’s Serj again, this time as the frontman for System of a Down. Performing ‘Shame on a Nigga’ by the Wu Tang Clan!

There’s a very short introduction on this one, which explains where the song comes from. I don’t usually like Country music, which this is labelled as but I think this is amazing. This gentleman never made it big. He had an incredibly difficult life, then after his death, his music started getting used in TV Shows and movies and got an audience e.g. it was used in the HBO TV Show True Detective (the song was Lungs). My friend Joe Browne turned me onto him back in 2010.

If you hadn’t figured it out from my Mo-Town Friday posts, I love soul, mo-town and R&B (Proper R&B, not what’s classed as R&B nowadays!!) Here’s a cover of my man, Marvin Gaye by CCR!!

This one is very obvious…here’s Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitar player in history without any shadow of a doubt with his cover of All Along the WatchTower

He is the greatest of all time, so I’m not going to stop at one. Here he is covering Chuck Berrys Johnny B Goode…I love Chuck but he was pretty restricted by technology in the electric guitar department when he recorded the song originally. Here’s Jimi kicking the door down with it.

One last one from Jimi. I’m not sure if this is the actual recording or not but legend has it that the day after Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles came out, Jimi played this. He stayed up the previous night and was mesmorized by the album.


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