Everywhere is the same

I got into a few conversations whilst home in Ireland over the Christmas. Living over here and reading Irish Forum sites and the like, It seems one of the favorite Irish past times is to pontificate about how shite America is and lumping all Americans in with American foreign and domestic policy. Ya know, if gun crimes are out of  control, obviously that’s a reflection of all 300 million people in America. The thing is, I believe no matter what the country. Whether it’s Ireland, America or North Korea. The citizens, The people are inherently the same. We all only have the one life to live, we all breath, having feelings and want the best for ourselves and our loved ones.

So when I go home and people talk about how stupid or crazy Americans are, it’s laughable. Americans are no different than the Irish. At all! Are the Irish generally more intelligent than Americans? Not from what I’ve seen. I’d say it’s the same in most developed countries. Education is not really an indication of intelligence, in my opinion. Is Ireland more of a cultural place? Kind of. The American cities are very new, you won’t find a 600 year old wall or anything like that BUT if you journey outside of the cities you will find plenty of cave dwellings and artifact which are several hundreds of years old. Perhaps these do not get promoted enough due to the shame of the blatant genocide of the Native Americans by the European settlers.

I hate guns. I am completely against them. If I see somebody with a gun in their holster beside me, my immediate thought is that I don’t want to turn my back on this person. That’s a terrible feeling to have. That persons freedom to carry a gun actually terrifies me! But I don’t believe the right to bear arms is a reflection of the American people. It’s easier for me to get a gun in Galway than it is, to get a gun in New York and many other states.

Police shootings! This is a tricky one. I would argue this has a lot to do with 1.) Guns 2.) Tax Policies 3.) Ideology. America has a fucking great tax system!! You pay your state taxes which go to your state. DUH. You pay sales tax on the things that you buy. This sales tax is actually particular to the city you are in. For example, I live in Chandler, AZ. The sales tax here is different than the sales tax in Glendale, AZ which is only a few minutes away. Property tax also differs by location, these taxes directly contribute to local services such as schools and this is part of the problem, I believe. If you have a poor area, they may have lower taxes. If the area isn’t getting much in the way of taxes…then the services suck. If the services suck, people born into and growing up in this area will not have the same opportunities as those in an affluent area. And this is part of the American mindset, it seems. Everybody has an opportunity to make something of themselves and get into that good neighborhood but what they don’t admit to or say is that the table is tilted in the favor of the privileged.

What’s even worse than this, is the fact that any suggestion of possibly raising taxes and giving it to those who need it most is called communism right off the bat. It’s madness. Detroit is on it’s knees! If it was a country in the EU. There would be talks of a bailout. Since it’s in the US, people just talk about how awful it is and don’t talk about helping out. Sure there was the Automotive Industry bailout which would help the state but it doesn’t seem like anything has been done to help those people in Detroit. When the country is spending trillions on Defense and it can’t afford a few million for new fire trucks and personnel in Detroit with an astronomical rate of arson attack on homes, then there’s something wrong with this picture.

The American mindset and ideology is also to work hard. Most people here seem to work their asses off. Being offered 10 days of Paid Time Off a year is common place. When people are killing themselves through work and not getting time to relax their brains and likely, in most cases, not actually climbing that ladder of success…that leads to a pressure cooker, which in turn leads to a lot of the problems currently faced in the US.

BUT under it all. American people are the exact same as the Irish. They live, breath, feel and just try to get on with their lives. Next time you think to make a smart arse remark about ‘Americans’, stop yourself and think whether or not you are thinking about the American government and if you are, say so. This whole hating on the American people shit is getting pretty old.


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3 Responses to Everywhere is the same

  1. Jaime says:

    Hey, Rory.
    It’s Jaime again.
    I don’t know if you connect the dots when it’s me when I respond to different blog entries at this point but I read a lot of them and do not always comment so I hope you don’t think I’m weird or anything when I do.
    I’ve read so many because I like your point of view.
    Concerning this one–I totally agree.
    Not many folks get it the way you do .
    Even Americans are blind to the realities that rule this nation.
    Anyway , Sorry to be so serious .
    I’m not sure if your intention of this blog is just to voice your opinions ( which is totally cool) or to maybe find like minded humans.
    Either way is ok.
    Don’t feel isolated down there in That Hot Zone, called Arizona–What the Feck does that State Name mean anyway?
    Good Night , Rory —And God Bless…

  2. shane says:

    Yeah what’s with Europeans hate with Americans? I feel it’s the BBC showing one sided news.

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