The Wretched Sports Biography


This isn’t aimed directly at Brian O’Driscoll or an attack on Rugby supporters. But I am sick to the teeth of these young celebrities releasing biographies. Now, these aren’t some people writing their story without permission, these are authorized biographies for young lads and ladies of about 18-25 years of age. People around my own age who can’t possibly have any stories worth telling. Even if they do, they aren’t at a mental age yet in which they can reflect on that story or situation with enough maturity to describe it in the correct light. When we’re young (By the way, I’m still at this point of my life), we think a lot of ourselves and what we’re doing. I know just from the last 5 years of my life that my brain is changing and my outlook is changing. I fully expect to have a very different outlook on life in a few years.

In the case of Brian O’Driscoll he authorized a steaming pile of shit called The Biography or some shite like that. He’s now releasing an autobiography (which I’m skeptical is an actual legit autobiography). I have much more time and respect for autobiographies, I don’t even waste my time with biographies any more but I do like reading the persons own words…but in this case when the fucker has already authorized the release of a biography carrying his name about 3 years ago, It’s a real piece of shit move. I hope this book bombs and I hope people cop the fuck on and stop supporting celebrities who release multiple biographies.

The only time a biography is worth reading is when it’s about a famous figure from the past who died without releasing an autobiography. Don’t buy your kids One Directions life story or any of that muck. It’s a great thing that they want to read but the good of that is counteracted with supporting this ongoing celebrity obsessed shit-fest we call modern life.




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