Are the Irish racist?

I got asked this a few times late last year from an American. I couldn’t really understand at the time where it came from, why would the question even come up?

First off let me give you the clear cut answer. The Irish are no more racist than most progressive countries. Of course there’s still pockets of racism. I will say, if you go drinking on a night out, all gloves are off, not because the people are racist and it comes out. It’s more because multiculturalism is pretty new and curiosity and questions will come out with some Dutch courage on board. Watch this video to get what I’m saying:

There’s always a lot of assholes every where you go. If you do meet some dickhead that gives you crap, chalk it up to that person being an asshole. For that one asshole, you’ll meet hundreds of nice people. So, if you are shaky about going to Ireland because you think it’s a backwards little place with an outdated mindset. Don’t worry, we’re actually more progressive than some American states and probably a good few countries. Have fun!




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