A Cynicists Movie Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West



Being a cynicist, I don’t go to the Cinema very often, because I assume the worst. I like watching documentaries or maybe old classic movies like Jaws. Because of this, I don’t have very many movie reviews up here…well, good news for you. I went to the cinema this weekend to escape the 110 degree heat (44 c). Movie of choice was A Million Ways to Die in the West. I figured this should be good, I don’t like Family Guy which Seth MacFarlane produces and voices but I really enjoyed TED (not that I’d ever watch it again). I think I enjoyed TED because I had low expectations. Unfortunately, with TED being better than expected, it upped my expectations for this movie. Well, it sucked!

Seth MacFarlane is a terrible actor, why he cast himself is beyond me, If I was to guess, I’d say it’s down to him being an ego maniac. Liam Neeson was barely in the movie and when he was he didn’t even attempt to put on an American accent. I don’t blame him, he probably knew it wasn’t worth the effort for this piece of shit. Our Liam should stick to drama or action. I’d actually like to see him try comedy, he was great in this scene with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant:

Charlize Theron is one sexy lady! She’s a fine actress too but she didn’t have much to play off in this one. Sarah Silverman is another lady who can’t act, she hams it up a lot but whatever, she’s a comedian. She served her purpose in the movie for being vulgar. Neil Patrick Harris kind of showed that he doesn’t have much of a range, either that or he’s very  typecast now. The guy that played Edward, MacFarlanes best friend was the best actor in the movie. But hold on, acting in a comedy isn’t everything. Of course if it’s great it can make it so much better…Leslie Nielson in Naked Gun, his acting, facial expressions timing is impeccable. Ditto for Dermot Morgan in Fr. Ted. MacFarlane should take notes!!

The jokes themselves just didn’t land. I think for the most part it was due to the piss poor delivery by MacFarlane. A lot of it relied on reaction to something fucked up that happened, this was all involving MacFarlane…it was just awful. Some of the jokes were such a reach for vulgarity and shock…MEH! The Dialogue was dumb and forced. Most of the jokes were saw obvious that you could see them coming a mile a way…a lot of Ohhh look how stupid people in the SouthWest are\were, isn’t it crazy that people did these things back then. Yada, Yada, Yada. And then on top of it. WE GET IT! You hate the fuckin’ west, you say it over and over again the movie..no need to hammer it home, the audience isn’t as dumb as you think it is. Continuity throughout the movie was shit too but as a comedy, I guess that’s less important. I didn’t like this movie much at all. There were a few cameos but they were just for the sake of having them, for the most part they didn’t add to the movie. Gilbert Godfried was a welcome surprise. Honestly, I’d say give this one a miss. Wait for the DVD or just avoid..it’s not worth paying to see in a cinema.



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