Another Mass Shooting in the US

Last Friday some lunatic shot several people in Isla Vista, California. I’m being purposely vague about the incident, the actions and name of the guy involved, even though it’s all over the place, but I do subscribe to the idea that making this pile of shit the center of attention can only encourage others. We saw one of the Boston bombers grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine…at this point, it almost seems deliberate by the media. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe controversy can be converted into cash for these scumbags. Even bad publicity can be spun into a positive for these leeches.

With all of that said, I actually read the entire manifesto he wrote, almost immediately after it was released over Memorial weekend here in the states. It was a pretty captivating read. It had a Catcher in the Rye feel to it. Very cynical narrative, even the bitterness towards women was pretty similar. Possibly this was deliberate since he talked about reading and his mother encouraging him to write. His views about women were very, very extreme. He was so bitter. He was a young man who went through his teens without even kissing a girl, who was in his early 20’s and STILL had not even kissed a girl. It also seemed like he didn’t interact or socialize with any females outside of his enabling mother and controlling step mother. His mother that was enabling didn’t seem to enable his behavior per se but she did spoil him and give him pretty much everything he could want….except for a girlfriend. Which may have lead him to believe he could get everything he wants and doesn’t understand not getting everything.

I have read that he may have had Aspergers. At the time of me posting this, I haven’t seen anything concrete other than what was printed in the media about his father saying he was getting treatment for it. Aspergers is a mental disorder which makes it very difficult for the person to socialize and can lead to them becoming a pariah. Recently it was changed my medical journals to fall under as a type of autism. This guy had said he was constantly rejected by women…he was not. If you read his manifesto you will see that he didn’t even try to talk to them. He would walk by them, sit near to them or just be around them hoping one would talk to him. This kid was not tall, he wasn’t ugly but to me he certainly wasn’t a standout from the crowd type of person when it comes to looks. So he went un-noticed by the opposite sex. Could he have got women. I don’t doubt it, if he just put himself out there more. Could he have got women by just being present without initiating. Obviously not!

He wrote about driving to Arizona to play the lottery because he believed being rich would get women….well, as fucked up as it is, he would be right there! But the fact he was literally leaving his success and riches up to a lottery meant that wasn’t a viable path! I have to say, in Ireland you’d see the female celebrities, models and the like always with wealthy guys. Whether that’s true in most cases or all for women of that ilk, I’m not sure but that’s certainly what I saw in the papers and magazines over there. BUT the regular women of Ireland did not seem to be driven by wealth for the most part. When I moved to America, I noticed wealth was a much more prominent factor for women when looking for men. I talked to a few who spun it as “Well, the guy doesn’t need to be rich, he just has to be ambitious”  It’s certainly no reason to hate or target women. It’s hopefully just the minority of ladies out there. Though if you read the manifesto, he said his counsellor who lived in the area before emplored him to leave that area in order to find a girlfriend, that the women there went for a certain type of guy…Not an excuse for what he did. He also had this idea that he was somehow an amazing guy and he shouldn’t have to move…

I should also say. I was a complete dud with the ladies. I didn’t get any girls until I was finished with high school. I also kept to myself and played video games. But I didn’t hate women, in fact I probably reveered them too much. I thought guys my own age were dumbasses and that women carried themselves in a more proper way. In reality, men and women are the same. We’re all human, we all have flaws…there’s no point to hold women up as the beacon of mankind but there’s also no reason to treat them as any different to men.

Now, hold on…there’s some caveats. Men and women are also very different….we’re all people with personalities, we enjoy different things, have different accents, voices, opinions, genetics. blah blah blah. Most men enjoy sports, it seems to me that most women are not all that into the same sports that men are. Most women enjoy light-hearted comedies like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Sex and the City, Two Broke Girls etc. Most men do not. Men seem to perform better in most sports due to our genetic disposition, it also makes those male sports more entertaining and more of a draw…however there’s exceptions for example Women’s Basketball is very entertaining because it’s not a bunch of huge guys dunking the ball over each other, they require more skill at working the court and shooting the ball, Womens MMA is also better, they seem to really brawl it out and I guess since they don’t have as much power behind them as some of the heavier men, the fights tend to be more about skill than power. But if you read a lot of the articles and shit that SOME women have been posting around sexism due to the outrage over this scumbags actions, you’d think equality is about men and women being seen as the same in every regard.

I heard something on a Podcast yesterday that I found interesting. The guy said something along the lines of, ya know many women are much more decadent than us men. Stereotype or not, many women are much better when it comes to decoration. baking, cooking etc. Most of you ladies seem to have an amazing perfectionists touch about you. While to me at least, it seems most of us men rush in to things and do things a bit half arsed. But it’s now becoming somewhat taboo that a woman should be able to enjoy these things especially if she’s baking a cake for a male or maybe making the guy a sandwich! It plays into a negative stereotype and so it’s a no go area. Meanwhile, men are expected to keep Chivalry alive. We’re meant to hold the door open, help carry things etc. It seems to be that we’re blurring the lines completely. From a personal perspective, I did Home Economics in Secondary school, we had to pick what our final meal to prepare would be, this was for an exam. We picked at random from a hat. I got Fruit Salad which was by far the easiest dish..I was delighted! My Female teacher snatched it back out of my hands and told me I couldn’t do that because I was a male and males do not have a sense of decoration… upset me because I then got Salmon which I hate, I can’t stand the taste of fish and would have to taste it and write a report! But I wasn’t pissed about her sexism towards me…she was probably right.

And yes, I know. This guy wrote some horrible things about women. And yes, it certainly was a crime that was motivated by a desire to kill women. I’ve read the accounts of women talking about sexism and I get it. It does deserve to be put under the spotlight. The statistics of abuse in the military is insane! At the same time, abuse of men also occurs. This goes unreported even more. In fact just days before this tragedy all of the headlines and hashtags were jokes about Jay-Z getting assaulted by his sister in law. Another little personal story, I got my cock and balls grabbed multiple times in pubs and clubs in Galway. Mostly by women out for Hen parties (Bachelorette parties) I was very embarrassed by it. One occasion was in line for a nightclub, the bouncer at the door saw it and just laughed. I went to a John Legend concert and women were screaming their desires at him and reaching up at him when he came to the front of the stage. Some guy grabbed Beyonce and it was literally an international news story. Should it be? Maybe not that big but yes, it should be highlighted because it’s wrong…but so should women grabbing at John Legend…and John is a talented musician, he’s not just some pop star that’s selling this sex image…

Alright, got derailed there. I don’t want to highlight abuse to men on this. But highlight that we should be focused on improving things for everybody. The media needs a revamp, Al Jazeera did a great job. They barely mentioned the kids name about half way into the story. They didn’t report it to death with pictures all over the place. The US clearly needs more investment in mental health. And also and I believe most importantly, an actual look at the gun culture. It’s time to grow up. That’s the down side of the #YesAllWomen detracts from what’s an ongoing issue that’s resulting in the deaths of millions, men, women, children, mother, fathers, brothers, sisters etc. By all means champion for the womens cause but could it be in a week or so, so the gun debate can actually be talked about. Every time there’s a mass shooting, the motive is scrutinized. Whether it be religious, racial, sexist…let’s take the weapon away AND improve our attitudes towards one another. Also ladies, you should look at yourselves, if you believe despite you voicing your concerns and opinions that this culture goes on, look at how to change the record and make an impact. There’s so many agendas out there with Feminists and women’s right activists that there’s no real focused point. It seems like some women want to be men’s equals in every way shape and form and lose their female characteristics, some clearly want preferential treatment over men…I don’t think either speak for the majority.

I also refuse to believe, no matter how many times women on Twitter, Forums or even on shows like The View say “Men are pigs” or “All Men are pigs”, that all women actually believe that horseshit…there was recently a campaign to ban the word Bossy because they believed it discouraged young girls from trying to rise into management roles…Maybe, just Maybe…girls and women should be taught not to give a shit what men think or what other WOMEN think..and I think the latter is something which isn’t highlighted enough. Further more in this instance, I believe although there is a biological urge for us young men to fuck anything with legs, we could benefit by also not giving a shit with other MEN think…getting laid is seen as an attribute of masculinity and male bravado. That crap should be wiped out.


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