A Cynicists Travel Review – London

I’m pretty fortunate for the fact that I’ve been to London about nine times. About seven of those trips were for work and the other personal. Even my time working there was great because it meant that I have been pretty much all over the city and some of the outer reaches like Luton and Epsom. I might catch some flack from opinionated European people for saying this but London is probably the greatest city in all of Europe. It is to Europe, what New York is to the United States in many way. The sheer size of it, the high rises, the subway system, the great mix of people from all cultures and backgrounds and the fact it’s the most significant Financial district on the continent.



There’s many, many tourist attractions to see in London, some which are more interesting than others. Buckingham Palace in an impressive building but any time I go there the only thing to really look at are the tourists. It’s not a place you’ll spend too much time at. Big Ben is worth a look and just that, a brief look, take your pictures and move on…it’s a clock tower..the Parliament building is just the same, a quick glimpse. The real fun of London is the museums and the out there shops. There’s a lot of small cafes and book shops around the place. Leicester Square and Picadilly are fun to walk around, though the crowd can get annoying. My favorite place to visit in London is the Imperial War Museum. My friends and I killed a few hours in there and still didn’t see everything, I’d love to go back. The museum has everything war related in there from uniforms, to weapons, to gas masks, they even have re-created a house from that era with an eerie Air Raid siren to demonstrate what it must have been like for people back during the war.

As with most people who travel to London for work, I spent some time in Canary Wharf…the place is a ghost town on the weekend because the only people there are there to work. The place is owned and was purposely built by the banks. The sky scraper are very impressive and I love the little water front they have there. Some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to have been in Canary Wharf but be warned, they’ll cost you. As you might expect, like with New York, the city will seem quite old, because it is. My advice to anybody traveling to London who may have never been there before. Make sure your hotel room is not on the ground floor! The tube starts early in the morning and criss crosses under most of the city.

If you can go to an event or show in the O2 or Wembley Stadium, I’d suggest giving it a try. It’s pretty cool. The Odeon movie theatre in Leicester Square is very cool too. If you’re into it, the Art museum is kind of cool. Some of the pubs around the city are pretty fuckin’ cool too, a nice chilled out vibe to them. London Zoo sucks! It’s pretty awful. Don’t waste your time. You could go see a show on the West End….Plays aren’t really my thing so I didn’t enjoy it. I read that The Book of Mormon is playing over there now but it’s not with the original cast, so take that for whatever it’s worth. I took a walk down Baker St due to the whole Sherlock Holmes connection, that’s a pretty old dusty place!

So yeah, go to London. Sure, why wouldn’t ya?


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