A Cynicists Travel Review – Zakynthos

I’ve been very lucky to get the opportunity in my life to travel to quite a number of different places. When I finished college, I started to branch out and travel a bit while working. Some places I went to while working, others I went to on holiday. But nevertheless, the list of places is getting larger. Some people close to me have said I’m similar to Karl Pilkington in Idiot Abroad because I’m a miserable fucker. Meh is my most used word. But honestly, I wish somebody reviewed cities properly or at least with somebody like me in mind. Somebody who doesn’t necessarily give a fuck about the night life and the sun beds or whatever. As many of you know, I also review movies from time to time. Well, most of my travel reviews will be positive, I’ve been to far more nice places than shit holes BUT I’m starting with a place that’s MEH! That place is Zakynthos, Greece.



I have seen pictures of the above a lot in the last year or so. Well, I went on a day excursion trip while in Zakynthos to see this scene. The water really is that color! It’s amazing, in fact much, much, much more amazing than the Ship wreck itself, to be honest, I didn’t know this thing existed when I was there. Our travel agent while there had a list of day activities and we decided to do one. We picked this by complete chance. Because I didn’t know what the Ship wreck was before hand, I figured it would be pretty cool, like some really old ship that sank in brutal conditions 60 or 70 years ago. WRONG! The ship itself was a container ship that sank back in the 80’s I believe. It was a long trek to get to the ship wreck, we stopped a long the way and were allowed to jump off the boat and go for a swim. We did and the water was really, really nice. Warm and perfect. Again the color is amazing.

However, when we got to the shipwreck, we were told we would not be getting off the ship to see it up close, that it was too dangerous with the weather. The weather was perfect. We weren’t the only one’s on a boat that seemed to just turn back and leave. BUT there was also plenty of boats anchored with lots of people on the beach already. I’m kind of glad we didn’t stop. I couldn’t give a shit about seeing a boat that sunk in 1983 and there was no way to swim by the beach with the amount of boats coming and out.

The Island of Zakynthos itself was pretty mediocre. There was one main area for restaurants and pubs. The quality of villas\apartments was ok but a huge inconvenience was the fact most places did not have good plumbing. When you take a shit or piss, you are instructed to throw the toilet paper in the garbage can. It left a dirty taste in my mouth the entire time I was there, not because I had shit on my hands when eating but I was worried that others did when preparing my food!! The beaches on the Island itself wasn’t very nice. In fact, we only bothered to even go down there twice. We hung out at the pool most of the trip and that my friends is the type of holiday you will get here. If you want somewhere cheap, with sun and a pool. This may be the place for you. The restaurants aren’t particularly good. From what I heard there’s a lot less asshole tourists in Zakynthos when compared to Crete, though we did see an Irish tourist get laid out by some taxi driver on the first night of the trip so it’s not all dandy. I also heard a story of a taxi driver killing somebody a week or so before we got there.

Personally. I would not go back to Zakynthos. The people were lovely, the service was good but the food was meh, the price of booze was ok’ish, the beaches weren’t worth visiting, There was very little to do (unless you like playing Pool and Mini-Golf over and over again) and you have to dumb your toilet paper in the garbage can in most places you go.


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