UTV\ITV for the Republic

I read a story yesterday that UTV which operates in Northern Ireland and is owned by ITV which operates throughout the UK will be launching a new specific service to cover the Republic. Of course, currently TV3 is basically the run off for ITV as they get the ITV shows, I assume TV3 will not be going away but rather this will be an extension. TV3 have shit programming but I can see some positives. I believe this is an opportunity for us to clean up shop. RTE is an awful ball of shite, it has been for as long as I can remember. It’s a mouth piece for Irish governments, some of it’s reporting shows clear bias both in domestic and international affairs. We pay an extortionary price each year to fund this tv service, similar to the UK do for the BBC but with a couple of big differences!! BBC produces a much higher quality of programming AND they don’t sell advertising.

The Irish Television License which legally obligates anybody with a television in their home to pay a form of taxation each year for the privilege of watching RTE’s awful programming is now going to be changed and ‘modernized’ for you see, not everybody has a television any more as they can stream their favorite shows or download them and get around paying this tax, so now the masterminds are going to change the law so you need to pay the tax if you have anything which can receive a transmission which includes computers. In some European Countries they have made having the internet a human right, in Ireland we see that everybody needs the internet in modern society and it’s a way for us to capitalize and make a quick euro or two. It’s complete profiteering.

Why do I hate RTE so much? I don’t hate RTE, honestly I actually enjoy their sports programming and I also enjoy some of the documentaries on RTE1 but I despise the fact they sell advertising on top of taking money from the tax payers. I once read and to be honest I only assume it to be true because I’m very cynical, but I read that the majority of ‘stars’ produced by RTE all come from the same Agency. I’m privy to some of their business dealings and know they do not operate in an optimal, cost effective manner. The channels have also championed ‘stars’ who were not created through their programming directly like Jedward and The Hardy Bucks. I know a lot of people like the Hardy Bucks but to me, in both cases this is just lazy on the part of RTE, this is not the kind of shit a national broadcaster should be wasting precious air time on. We have a country of very smart, articulate and talented people and we waste our time with circus acts and re-runs of syndicated British and American television shows.

If it was up to me, I would jump on the fact there’ll be another tv channel in the market and spin down RTE. I would consolidate RTE1 and Network2 into one channel. I would make TG4 (The Irish speaking channel) into the crown jewel of Irish television. They currently already show some movies in English, that can continue. All sports programming should move to TG4. Any programming on the channel that’s in English should be subtitled in Irish and vice versa. TV3 and the new channel will most likely cater for that awful shite main stream garbage and let them off. Some people will want it and others won’t bother. And most importantly, TG4 and RTE should no longer sell advertising. As for the radio stations, that’s another story altogether…I’ve been very frustrated with Irish regulations regards radio stations, that’s only changed in recent years. RTE should certainly have a channel, there should also be an Irish speaking channel but other than that, let the private companies have as many stations as they want. Bring in Rock Stations, Jazz, Blues, Rap, Trad etc. a bit of variety.

That’s what I have to say about that!



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