A Cynicists Movie Review: Blue Jasmine

Upon reading many supportive tweets and articles about Woody Allen recently, I decided it might be a good time to review Blue Jasmine. I watched this movie on the flight from Ireland back to Phoenix. The only reason I decided to watch it was because Louis C.K was in the film, well unfortunately, he had a pretty insignificant role, same with Andrew Dice Clay. Both were fine in their roles. A guy named Bobby Cannavale for me, was the best actor in the movie. Cate Blanchett was pretty good, the only disappointing part is the fact she’s winning awards for it and I don’t think it was an outstanding performance. I didn’t know how to feel about her character, I’m guessing I was meant to feel something for her but I didn’t. Which I feel is not how I should feel about the main character of the movie.

I believe Woody Allen is seen as some sort of Hollywood Royalty. He could shit on a piece of film and it would be called genius. Blue Jasmine was far from genius, in fact it was boring and about an hour too long. I was surprised at how relatable Andrew Dice Clay was as an actor, I thought his larger than life persona would have detracted, but it didn’t, he played the part well. Louis didn’t have much time to shine, he’s pretty good in Parks and Rec, but I guess he doesn’t tend to play parts with much range, he’s that every mean type of guy and he plays that very well. Which is probably a huge feather in his cap because actors tend to struggle to play the part of a normal person too well. I would advise people to avoid this movie, I watched it for Louis but his role wasn’t large enough to warrant watching it. Do yourself a favor and give this one a wide berth.

I give this 3 stars for the acting of that Bobby fella and the surprise at how relatable Andrew Dice Clay was but also two resounding MEH’S!



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