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Old Steve went on the war path about the Six Nations Rugby in a previous post. Now it’s my turn, we’re like two Irish Rugby players spit roasting one of Irelands finest byores, Never shall our peckers touch, nor shall we may eye contact. Dems da rulez. Anyways! Steve and I had endured the sudden influx of Rugger Heads in Galway during the birth of the bandwagon, it would have been fine but they started to get catered for above all other sports fans in the city. The Pecking Order before Ireland won the feckin’ thing was 1.) GAA 2.) Soccer 3.) Rugby…after they won, it became 1.) Rugby 2.) GAA 3.) Soccer. I don’t begrudge Football or Hurling being shown in the pubs ahead of soccer, that I could understand, but Rugby??

I actually played Rugby at a young age. Played it for a few years too but it wasn’t something that kept my interest, I was a small skinny kid, the fatter, stockier or even just taller lads had a distinct natural advantage. It didn’t seem to be a game of skill, it’s more about size and speed. You could argue kicking the ball takes a bit of skill but then any of the Irish lads kicking seem to be pretty inconsistent and still get to play.. I also had the displeasure to see the Munster Rugby team together at an October meeting at the Galway Races one year, they were in their full dickhead mode. The last Rugby World Cup brought around an awful crowd of wankers in Galway, the kind of wankers that rival the Race crowd. So you could say I’ve been soured to Rugby for a while. I don’t get the excitement of the game at all. It’s backwards, backwards, backwards….forward a bit, fall down. Backwards, Backwards, Backwards. And I know, people reading this will say ‘The NFL are a bunch of pussies that wear padding and helmets’…how can you compare Rugby and American Football? One is backwards to go forward, tackle at or below the waist, Line Ins and take your drop goals if you want…While American Football is sets of downs, playing the clock, 300 pound men using their bodies as projectiles against others, Punt receivers getting beheaded, Criminals and death by the age of 55 (I haven’t watched an NFL game this year, even the bored with it)

I hope this guy becomes a success and other sprinters decide to join in and ruin the game for the big meathead types:

The inspiration for me even posting this blog is because I’ve been out of Ireland for 2 years now. I had read quite a bit about Brian O’Driscoll being dropped in the Lions last game…for some reason that was some sort of insult..this guy is apparently above being dropped from the team. Most perplexing of all, the Lions won that game!! So the coach was vindicated for dropping him, yet people pissed and moaned about the whole thing. Apparently the Irish team were playing the former coach of the Lions’ team today and wanted to win for BOD…It’s bad enough that they call this dipshit BOD!! (His biography was called in BOD we trust, I shit you not!!) but their focus wasn’t on winning the game to succeed in the tournament it was on some childish vendetta. It’s very difficult to watch and support professional sports when the participants are such fuckin’ knobs. They don’t live on the same planet as the rest of us. If your biggest worry on any given day is that your rich teammate got dropped from a team that subsequently won without him, then you know you lead a privileged life.





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