Don’t Push The President

Earlier I saw this article posted on my Facebook timeline from a friend of mine:

If you don’t want to read it, don’t worry. I’ll give you a quick synopsis. An American Television Personality named Bill O’Reilly works for Fox News, he has made a name for himself and actually has one of the highest rated ‘news’ programs on tv here. Our Irish brother Bill got to interview President Obama recently, in the interview which you can find below. Bill pressed President Obama on many issues which have been hot topics in the United States in recent history. Now, if you watch the interview, like me you may think he hasn’t really been too hard on the President but another Fox News Personality, Geraldo Rivera (The guy who got beat up by a Klan member on his talk show) went on Bills show and accuses him of dressing down the President and taking away his ‘majesty’. And the article is labeling Geraldo as the typical liberal yada yada yada.

You may notice above I called Bill and Geraldo TV personalities rather than reporters or journalists and I called it a ‘news’ program. Well that’s because Bill doesn’t report the news, his show is an opinion piece. In fact pretty much all of Fox’s prime time news shows are opinion based shows, even their previous debate format show was an opinion piece because it was clear who was being promoted as the champion and face of the show was. They have an obvious slant and you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing, they cater to a certain audience and why not. CNBC, CNN and others carter to liberals. Yay for everyone. What’s shitty about Bill and his cohorts is the fact they are actors, they conjure up emotion, their shows are actually entertainment! And if you try to watch them you will be entertained, either because you’ll be watching violently raging at the TV at how much of a pompous ignorant prick he is or punching the air with passionate support for whatever he’s saying. Geraldo has been on the station for years, he towed the company line for years. The station uses the slogan ‘Fair and Balanced’ and so Mr. Geraldo has obviously taken on the villain role, every American story needs a Goodie and a Baddie, Geraldo can now be the Baddie on the pay roll.

For any Fox News fan or Conservative out there who may be reading this and takes exception with what I am saying above, don’t worry, I’m not wearing blinders. CNBC is actually worse in terms of bias and slant than Fox! CNN has become a farce, their news coverage is a complete joke, at least Fox have some news shows that actually do report the news. CNN has become a tabloid fly on the wall format that is sickening. It’s difficult to just get the news, just get the facts. Without sound like a conspiracy nut job, there’s entities who make sure it is tough for us to find out the truth!

What I find particularly interesting with the outpour from those conservatives lambasting Geraldo for saying he was too hard on President Obama and indeed the Democrat supporters who do feel he was too tough on him (If any actually do, Geraldo is likely acting) I would like to call hypocrisy. Do you happen to remember when an Irish journalist by the name of Carole Coleman interviewed then President Bush? Her line of questioning was very tough. At the time Democrats like Jon Stewart championed her and held her as an example of how the American press should do their jobs, while conservatives felt she was being disrespectful. So, whatever happened to Carole Coleman? She very quickly vanished from our screens back home. From what I can find online, she now works freelance. Did she get squeezed out due to political pressure applied back then? It wouldn’t surprise me. Personally…in that instance, I thought she was just being an asshole. Her questions were tougher than President Bush was getting back home but she also wasn’t allowing him to answer. She was out to make a name for herself, she knew he was a slow speaker and she tried to take advantage of that by asking the questions quick fire. She wasn’t brave (IMO) she was manipulative and rude.

What do you think?

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One Response to Don’t Push The President

  1. This SHIT really gets my T E M P E R up! I was raised here, in America.
    I was spoon fed the notion/ideal that America was founded on the belief that, No one person was any better that the next; as we came from a land of Kings & Queens. (Having said that, I am proud as hell of my heritage!)
    You are absolutely correct. This isn’t journalism.
    For the people, by the people…
    MY ASS!!!!
    There is not one party that actually works as intended, anymore.
    They should ALL be ashamed of themselves!
    Ok, I have said my peace. 🙂

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