My Music Conspiracy

Another Christmas, another Christmas number 1 in Ireland for the UK X-Factor winner. When I was growing up in Ireland we really only had four choices for music on the radio. Atlantic 252 (AM radio which was pretty much inaudible) 2FM, MidWest (mainly folk and country) and Galway Bay FM. With this few of radio stations, you might expect that we had very little choice and likely heard the same shite over and over again. In actual fact, I believe the radio programming and music was more varied back then. Now we have Nova, iRadio, 4FM, 2FM, Lyric FM, Today FM, MidWest and Galway Bay FM which all play music. But Today FM, 2FM, Nova and iRadio all play the same set list of very few pop songs. Lyric FM plays classical music, which is fine if you’re into that. 4FM, plays the same shite as the others for about 50% of it’s schedule and the other two are regional so they have a lot more local based radio. I may have posted this here before but, find my letter at the bottom of this post, I wrote this to iRadio when they setup their station initially. Anyway, more on point.

With stations like this playing the same songs on loop, what is their motive? Can it be that they save money on royalties by playing very select songs? Definitely! But then why not play songs from artists who may allow their songs to be played for less, surely there’s plenty of deserving musicians who would only love to have their music played? It’s because these stations cater to the needs of certain labels and production companies. Every stupid fuckin’ celebrity pop star and their dumb songs are handpicked by these suits to be forced down our throats and like the idiots we are, we gladly line up and hand over our money to these pigs. Parents allow their children to buy into these brands like Boyzone, Westlife, One Direction, The Pussycat Dolls, Busted, McFly, Spic Girls etc. None of these set a good example for children, nor do they have any positive messages. The Spice Girls are likely the catalyst behind selling sex to young children. Nobody questions them, they just pay them.

Recently Katy Perry got caught up in a bit of controversy when it was found that her huge number 1 roar was pretty much a straight rip of the backing track for a Sara Bareillis song:

When Sara (who by the way is a very talented musician) was asked about the rip off of her song, she was very diplomatic and said she loved Katy Perry and that she got a lot of recognition due to it. Which is true, her song Brave is played constantly here…so what happened? Could it be that the people who control what we listen to told Sara that they would make her a bigger star if she towed the line? That’s my theory…which is fine, She deserve success. I’m not just blowing smoke, but I’ve been listening to a lot of her stuff for a couple of years now since The Winter Song was released in Ireland. But is this what she had to do to get pushed to the front. Her last hit didn’t get the radio play that this one does!

Speaking of Winter Song. Her co-performer\writer etc. on that song was a lady named Ingrid Michealson, who I had the pleasure of seeing live in San Diego about 5 years ago. I went to go see her warm up act, The Guggenheim Grotto. Imagine my surprise when I heard a song that she performed being released on Irish radio by Cheryl Cole. You may or may not remember this as Cheryls version was forgettable.

Steve has alluded to it many times on this site. That some of the most moronic songs that get in the charts not just in Ireland but around the world can be written by 9+ ‘writers’. Performers like Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole and others all get writing credits on their songs to portray some sort of credibility but if you’re smart enough you’ll realize they can barely tie their own shoe’s in the morning, let alone write their own songs. Meanwhile great performers like Sara, Ingrid, people like Ben Folds etc. are thrown on the shit heap. They don’t fit the mold and likely aren’t willing to show their junk to photographers and allow their publicists to arrange for Papparazi to appear on command. It’s disgusting. The music Industry is almost as deplorable as puppy farms and operate in a similar manner. Where Miley Cyrus can makes millions for acting like a whore, while actual musicians can’t get into the spotlight at all. I hope Simon Cowell and his cohorts get a brain aneurysm for Christmas this year. Stop the rot people!

Hi Grainne,

Sorry to vent on you but I did not see any e-mail address for a complaints section. I was listening to the show that runs from midnight as I went to bed last night and its the second time I’ve had the displeasure of chancing upon this garbage. I understand that not every segment can please all listeners but the only people that this show could possibly entertain is very spoiled brat students and possibly nuns that enjoy some nice tame banter. This audience is already being catered for by 2FM and TodayFm!
I have only listened to the station three times now, once during the day when one of the stations presenters started bashing that Saw Doctors single, that went number one, it might of been shite but the single was for charity and I found his behaviour to be childish particularly when he was playing music that I found just as shite, I believe the station(not sure if your DJ’s control whats played) played a Kings Of Leon song twice within an hour on that show. When I first heard of this new alternative radio station setting up in my own home town I got really excited as I feel Today FM and 2FM are not a good representation of my demographic but I have been bitterly disappointed by the stations copy cat approach and find myself still with no reason to get the radio in my car fixed. With no alternative I will give your radio station one more chance and try listening to your morning show but thus far I am not impressed.
I’m sorry as I’m sure your not the person to direct this to but I’d appreciate if you could forward this on to someone that might but probably won’t care. Even so its nice to rant.
P.S Last night I switched over from the presenters talking about their childhoods and listened to a repeat of Kieth Finnegan talking about illegal dumping of a mattress…I write out of desperation!

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