Do Irish men like American Women

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

There’s definitely a trend regarding visits to our website. Take the top search terms used to find our site for today for example:

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 3.32.33 PM

Come on Ladies! You’re better than that! Look, Irish men underneath all are no different to any other man. Sure we have a dangerous drink dependency, a crippling mammy complex and a curious sense of superiority but that’s all surface level shit. Biologically our ‘primal instincts’ are the same as a man from America, England, Australia, Nigeria, Uganda, China etc. YES, WE LIKE YOU! You have a vagina and you have TITTAYYYYYS!

If you looked this up because there’s an Irish guy you like and he’s being coy and distant, well odds are just like any other guy who acts like this, he’s jerkin’ your chain. He’s trying his hand and seeing how much he can get without making a commitment to you. It really is that simple, if you think religion, nationality, ethnicity has that much of an impact on Irish mens decision making when it comes to choosing who to do the mattress mambo with, you’re overthinking things. Just like with women (I’d imagine and I know it seemed to be the case with some I personally know) Irish guys will go after women from different countries to see what it’s like.  However, us men don’t search it out, we have a very keen sense for the women we pick….usually the one’s in the closest proximity and most likely to give it up. So stop fretting whether Irish guys like you, we like all women.

If you American ladies just want further re-assurances due to the whole obvious disdain and hatred a lot of European people have towards Americans, those ideals go out the window when sex is possible, so don’t worry about. Really that’s all shit talk anyway, we’re a strange breed who like to begrudge others successes and have a penis envy thing going with America…don’t worry about it, it’s nothing personal. I will say this, you American ladies are fun. You seem fun and seem very laid back and confident in yourselves, or at least you seem it though the search terms for this site make me think otherwise. Just relax, don’t worry if we like you. We like you. Now come over here and put a little sugar on me!!

PS: Irish ladies, I knew a guy who went to South America before who came back and claimed a ’10’ in Ireland is about a 3 in South America. Well, we take each other for granted I think. You’re find ladies and have many qualities below the surface level that make yee unique. Don’t worry about it. You go out and tame some strange yourselves.


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19 Responses to Do Irish men like American Women

  1. bee says:

    Hello I hope I. Can find a good Irish man to apprcate me and respect and love me and not want to brake my heart me ive been so unlocky when it comes to love

  2. Barbara says:

    I love Iresh men! That says it all………

  3. Hello, again!

    I say this is, as we have talked before, but… I just had another question, regarding the whole ‘Irish men’ thing.

    There’s this Irish performer, coming to South Boston, in June. He’s kind of popular with a few Americans, because he once worked with the band, Celtic Thunder. My mom and I are going, and it’s not going to be a big event, just twenty or thirty people. But,… I was wondering if maybe I should offer to buy him a coffee or a pint, or something. He seems like a really nice guy.

    I was just curious if I actually stand a chance talking to him or if I might be making a total goober of myself, by doing this. You seem to have a pretty clear idea of Irish men, so… Thank you for taking the time to read this. Enjoy your weekend! ♡

    • Worth a try, sure! You likely won’t get in a relationship with a guy like that, though. Musicians in Ireland are just like Musicians here. They get a lot of women trying to get their attention

      • Thank you for answering! And, thank you for the advice. It’s always worth a shot, but I won’t get my hopes up. Hopefully, I’ll meet a nice Irish gent, someday. Maybe, if I’m lucky enough, I’ll meet someone like the fine men of The City Fathers blog. But, until then…. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂 ♡

        • Argh ah sure, us Irish lads aren’t all that great. I think the goal should be to meet a great person. PERIOD. D’ya know!? It took me moving to America to meet a great woman

          • Hahaha. I’ve seen and met a few very kind Irish lads. You guys seem pretty great. I’m so happy for you, that you found your someone special. I’m thinking I’ll find someone good, someday. Soon hopefully, but… Thank you for all of your help! Happy Easter! ♡

  4. Christine says:

    Hi there,
    another female reader!
    What about German girls?
    And where can I find some Irish people in Georgia and Florida? I miss my Irish Pubs in Frankfurt!!

    • Met a lot of German ladies in Ireland, when I still lived there. Lovely, strong and confident women. Not like their Irish and British counterparts :)….Irish ladies will take exception to that but it’s true from my experience, at least

      I’m sure you’d find the odd Irish man around Atlanta, Orlando and Miami but to be honest. Most of the Irish in America head out to California or stick to the North East.

      Canada is crawling with feckin’ Irish!!

  5. jarmo86 says:

    How about us Canadian women? Pretty sure the Irish fancy us…there’s swarms in Vancouver 🙂 Random question….I’m dating an Irish guy and he seems to not wear deodorant…I’m not vain by any means but is this the usual case with the Irish/Europeans? How do I tell him without sounding rude? It’s the first time I’ve come across it so I have no idea what to say/do….
    Awesome blog by the way!
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Don’t tell him, just buy him some…simple. It’s rare that I use it myself. Not sure if it is an Irish thing, maybe it is. I usually spray some cologne in the morning and shower twice a day. Made me wonder what my own girlfriend here thinks. Canadian women are amazing. Very friendly and so many beauties! Woo Woo!

    • As a Canadian girl, I can say I never had so much attention from guys as I did when I was in Ireland last month, guys flirting with me, offering to help me without me even asking, getting served first at the bar even tho there were a few guys ahead of me, I had one bartender just take one look at me and the next moment he was handing me a free drink. I was very surprised and not used to so much attention! Got a few numbers and some invites to come back so we’ll see 🙂

  6. I am an American woman. I own a business in Northern Arizona. I hear from my female clients constantly, that they can NOT find a man that can handle how sexually aggressive they can be, at times. I’m not talking about S&M. Just women who enjoy a good “work out” in bed, with a different man than the same “American” tossers they’re stuck with.
    So, I think the question is more about “down & dirty” rather than “interest.” Can you Irish men handle a strong, aggressive sexual partner? Because, I have yet to even hear of an American man that can, let alone meet one. So…….?

    • Irish men are probably no different to any other men in the world in regards to sex. Probably has to do more with stamina. Personally I don’t care what the sex is like as long as my foreskin gets a good old tuggin!

      • LOL! Hhhmmm…..I will be directing some ladies to this page. With that image in mind………I am gonna be a good girl & not say any of the hundreds of things that I am thinking.
        I read a post by Rory………
        I too am proud of my heritage. I am a MacGregor by way of McGreer. You know…..punishable by death, not allowed to be a MacGregor for over 170 years……ordered by King James VI.
        I’ll be raising a pint tomorrow in memory of Ireland & Scottland, around 5. I assume you will be, too…..where ever you are.
        Thanks for the reply. (breathless reply) damn

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