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The lights and the cooker and the dryer and the everything are on but no ones home.

Right there. Thats a title. So I got home from work today as usual (many hours after they stopped paying me) and reached into my pocket for my keys. I found the one I was looking for only to notice … Continue reading

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I haven’t been drinking much in the last two years. It was actually part of the draw towards America for me. I figured America had less of an emphasis on drink for socializing and it’s true they do. Well, I … Continue reading

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The day the music died

Kanye West. Kanye fucking West. I realise that I go on and on about this waste of air so much to the point that I could break free from the shackles of the so called “City Fathers”, go solo on … Continue reading

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Do Irish men like American Women

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! There’s definitely a trend regarding visits to our website. Take the top search terms used to find our site for today for example: Come on Ladies! You’re better than that! Look, Irish men underneath all are no … Continue reading

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Steve on the noises at work

There is a radio somewhere near my desk. I dont know where and I am yet to find it even once it but when I do I am going to nail it to a frizbee and fling it over a … Continue reading

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