To win just once : A Mayo mans morning.

So here we are again. Another All Ireland Sunday morning with Mayo in the final. I cant sleep. I have been bouncing off the walls and chewing my jaw in anticipation of the match. All signs point toward a Mayo win and I dont know how to deal with that. Are we finally going to win it?

It is a tough morning for a Mayo man. I genuinely feel sick due to my nerves. I have gone through this anticipation of these finals for many years and it has never ended well. We keep coming back, we never give up on our sweet sweet Mayo.

Mayo football is like a drug. A really good drug. It is a high that is unmatched by any other feeling this vast world. We feel like Mayo can take on the world…until the crash. The come-down is disastrous. Green and Red face paint tainted tears flow in the street as grown men seek solace in the sweet embrace of alcohol screaming “No! Shag it, no! Not again!”.

The whole of Ireland mock us yet support us on All Ireland Final day …who else but Mayo?

But if we actually win it I maintain my long standing theory that County Mayo will be closed for business for at least three days after it. There wont be a cow milked or a child washed in Ballina for a week!

After all of the loses in finals over the years we certainly deserve this. I personally could die a happy man to see Mayo win the all Ireland just once in my lifetime. To win just once…that would be enough. G’wan Mayo!



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One Response to To win just once : A Mayo mans morning.

  1. @2Lhasaapsos says:

    Best o’ Luck to Mayo today

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