Galway WFC

As many of you may know, Steve and I worked in a place that was adjacent to the Dyke Road, most Friday nights the groups of fans would all gather and head to the Galway United matches, when Galway United was a thing! The mens game in Galway has been going down a very strange path in the last couple of years but luckily it seems like a group of good people are attempting to steer the ship steady for the womens sport team in the city. That’s right. Galway now has a premier womens soccer team, a team we have proudly sponsored this year. We would like to wish the best for the season ahead and hope that the people of Galway get behind them.



Also, it’s going to be might craic. The way we sponsored was to give a certain amount towards the club which would in turn lead to us sponsoring one of the players for the season. We’ve sponsored a lady named Nikki Cullina. So keep an eye out for her. Best of luck Nikki!


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  1. (@2LhasaApsos) says:

    Fair play – I thought this was going to be a p**s take !

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