What to do in Ireland

I just booked a flight home to Ireland, unfortunately it’s just for a short visit this time around. It seems odd to me that Ireland is still so expensive, despite the fact the Celtic Tiger has been dead and mounted on Angela Merkels wall for the past 5+ years. Hotel prices around the country are quite high, even in the off peak season. It looks like restaurants have lowered their prices compared to when I lived there but still are higher than in other countries. The price of a return flight to Ireland in December or the summer months, from where I am is 1200+. Now, I know this isn’t necessarily down to the country itself but it would be nice if Aer Lingus was a little more competitive in the market. It’s bad when British Airways and US Airways offer the cheapest flights to Ireland. Anywho, enough negative shit. I recently saw a Canadian couples video of their holiday in Ireland and decided to myself, this time around I’m not going to go on a week long bender and spend my trip in the pub. I’m going to get out and see the country. I went over 9 months without drinking last year and so far have gone nearly 6 months right now. I’m in no rush to waste too much time drunk or hungover. So here’s my list of shit I’d like to do in Ireland. Maybe others might want to use these as tips of what an Irish person would go see.

Updated based on comments from Jamie (Enjoy your stay in Ireland)


  • Dublin Zoo
  • Watch the buskers on Grafton Street and go into Bewleys for some Hot Chocolate
  • Go out to Dundrum Shopping Center for some Nandos!
  • Walk along O’Connell Street and take a quick look at the GPO (Historic)
  • Take a look at the Spire and the statue of Parnell (One of the great Irish leaders)
  • The Wax museum use to be worth a look, it’s no Madame Tussads but still….
  • Sit in the park by Stephens Green and feed the birds
  • Go into the Temple Bar Area. Take a look at the Rory Gallagher guitar hanging up there.
  • Take a look at the statue of Phil Lynott on Henry St
  • Go down Dame Street for a look
  • Have a look in Trinity college and go see the book of Kells
  • Visit Kilmainham Gaol. It’s very sad and spooky but a fair representation of Irish history.
  • Take the dart out to Howth
  • Go on a tour of Croke Park, watch a game of Hurling if possible (depends on season, Also even if you don’t like sport it’s a historic and iconic building for Ireland due to events that took place there)
  • Visit the Guinness Store House and get your cert for pouring the perfect pint (tourist trap on the cert but considering the amount of shite pints of Guinness I’ve got in America, people may need to learn from other countries)


  • Go see the Powerscourt Waterfall and grounds
  • Visit the beaches around Bray
  • Walk or Drive by the Mountain sides


  • Visit the emigrant ship
  • Visit Saltee Islands
  • Visit Rosslare (depending on the time of year they may have events on)
  • Visit New Ross


  • Visit Waterford (Reginalds Tower and a few of the churches might be worth a look)
  • Visit Tramore
  • Visit Dungarvan


  • Visit Cork City for the Jazz Festival in autumn or the Marquee in the summer
  • Visit Kinsale
  • Visit Cobh
  • Visit Bantry


  • Visit Kenmare
  • Visit Skellig Islands
  • Visit Killarney
  • Visit Dingle (And see Fungi)
  • Visit Tralee
  • Visit Listowel


  • Visit Limerick and quickly get out


  • Visit the Cliffs of Mohers
  • Visit Lahinch
  • Visit Spanish Point
  • Visit Ennis
  • Visit Doolin


  • There’s a great view of the city from the top of Corbetts Court Shopping center parking lot (just go in and take the lift to the top)
  • There’s another great view from Circular Road, you need to drive into a house estate to see the view
  • Visit the Aliwee Caves
  • Visit the Connemara National Park
  • Visit Clifden
  • Visit the Marconi Wireless Station ruins and Alcock and Brown landing site (historic and really out of the way)
  • The Sky Road
  • Ross Abbey
  • Kylemore Abbey
  • Coole Park (Tree autographed by famous Irish literary giants)
  • The Spanish Arch, Salthill Prom, Have a pint of Guinness in The Crane Bar


  • Westport House, Westport Town, Quays, Greenway
  • Climb Croagh Patrick
  • Achill (Keem Beach)


  • Glencar Waterfall


  • Strandhill Sligo
  • Sligo town
  • Sligo Abbey
  • Benbulbin
  • Drumcliff (WB Yeats grave)


  • Lough Key
  • Kilronan Castle


  • Drive along the Donegal coast
  • Rory Gallagher Statue in Ballyshannon

Northern Ireland (when it seems safer than it is right now!)

  • Giants Causeway
  • Titanic Exhibition


  • Drogheda Town


  • Newgrange


  • Rock of Cashel
  • Thurles


  • Kilkenny

More to come…


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9 Responses to What to do in Ireland

  1. r u planning on sleeping on this trip!!! Good luck getting all that done!

  2. Jamie says:

    Not sure if you have already been to Slieve League, Donegal but that place is apparently really amazing with some of the highest cliffs on the island of Ireland according to Wikipedia. 🙂 I am planning to go there as well. Let me know as you discover more amazing places to go!


    • Thats part of the plan for the Donegal coastal drive. I’ve got a bunch more I can post. If you have longer than I do there’s so much more to see. I’ll update it later tonight. How long are you going for?

      • Jamie says:

        I am going there with a working holiday visa which now allows people to stay up to 2yrs in (Republic of) Ireland. 🙂 I will probably stay until I absolutely need to leave. Hehehe Which city/town are you from if you don’t mind me asking? Would you recommend any places to visit from your own city or county?

        • I’m from Galway but am living in Phoenix, Arizona right now. I’ll update my list tonight. My favorite counties are Galway and Clare. Keep an eye on this site. I’ll update in 3 or 4 hours and do a per county. There’s a lot more to do than my own list. You are going at a bad time weather wise but a good time people wise. Won’t be too many tourists so you can experience the Irish. Do you have any idea what county you will live in? Jobs are scarce there right now unless you have a second language. You one of those French Canadians? French could land you a job

          • Jamie says:

            I’d figured but I guess it won’t be too bad to experience the miserable wintery weather first then have nice spring & summer! 😀 I am really excited that I will be having 2 St. Patrick’s Days in Ireland!!! I will be based in Dublin for a few months in the beginning, I think. Then to Galway, Clare, Cork and some parts of Northern Ireland… I will probably be everywhere. 🙂 Unfortunately, I am not French Canadian and can not speak French. I do speak another second language but it won’t be as useful as French or German tho. I will be looking forward to reading that list of yours. Thanks in advance!

            PS: You forgot to add Blarney Stone in Blarney Castle! I guess you don’t really need to kiss the stone to get the luck of the Irish since you already are one. I am definitely going to do that! 😉

            • You actually kiss the stone for the gift of the gab. To be able to be a great speaker. That one is a bit of a tourist trap 🙂 Dublin is a bad first impression. It’s not representative of the rest of the country. If you have Spanish, Portugese or pretty much anything but Latin you could get a job with it

              • Jamie says:

                Hahaha I am still kissing it! 😛 I am trying to be a traveler rather than a tourist but I guess sometimes you just can’t miss doing that sorta thing. I always think it’s the people who make the journey all worthwhile rather than places themselves. It will be “GRAND”! I do speak Korean, Canadian and a bit of Australian. Planning to learn Irish when I get there. I’ve started self-learning but it’s a lot difficult than I’d imagined. Dia dhuit, Jamie is anim dom. Conas atá tú? Slán go fóill. How’s my Irish? That’s what I can spell and say without Googling up at the moment. I am getting there slowly but surely! 😛

  3. Jamie says:

    I am finally going to Éire! 🙂 Booked the one way ticket to Dublin on December 2nd! Never been there before but I know I am going to have so much fun. I am much interested in what local people would do rather than what travel books say! Thanks for the list of where I should go.

    PS: I recently saw the video as well. It inspired me so much, too. Absolutely love your country!

    Jamie from Canada 😀

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