Homesick Rory

One of those days again when everything seems surreal. Feeling a bit down. A year and a half ago, I just signed a contract with my previous employer, an insurance company, I never even heard about before. I paid up a months rent and left my deposit to cover the rest of my half of my lease in Salthill, gave away all of my posessions except for my car. Gave away all of my clothes except for 2 luggage bags full. I gave away my Xbox, my tv, my surround sound system, my computer, my bbq, my george foreman grill etc. etc. My girlfriend stayed with me the night before I was leaving. Woke up at 4am. Literally took the sheets, pillows etc. off the bed after I woke up. Went into my housemates room and said goodbye to him and shook his hand.

My brother picked me up put my bags in the back and the bed clothes in the boot for him to take home, hugged the girlfriend and said goodbye, could see her crying in her car. I remember feeling sad going through the city with nobody on the streets, driving by the junction at the hospital, not being able to talk much. Driving on the motorway out by Athenry with a light fog rolling on the hills and covering the regional airport. Got to the airport, my brother parked in the lay away zone, He got out, helped me with my bags and gave me a hug before driving away. I checked in and my friend Dave met me, he got up early and took a taxi to the airport to meet me before I left. I sat in a waiting area with him for about 30 minutes, hugged him and went on through security. I remember posting on FB right before boarding the plane and having the most number of likes and replies I ever got and at the time when I only had 40 friends on it. I recorded a video as I was boarding the plane, figuring it would be good to keep for when my kids grow up. Watching the video back now, I don’t seem myself, don’t say anything I typically would…likely because I was completely numb. That numbness stayed for days. I remember the plane descending into Phoenix, in the dark. It was around 11pm at night, the airport was pretty quiet. I walked outside, it was like waling out into a Sauna and this was 11pm at night in February! I wasted the first 40 minutes standing outside waiting for a shuttle bus to my hotel, I was on the wrong side of the airport, the feckin’ place was’s tough moving abroad alone, I would advise anybody against doing it. I think it’s the exception nowadays, it seems like most go to places like Australia where there’s plenty of Irish and usually friends to tag along with but I struggle here alone and I’m a very solitary person. So ya know, don’t be a martyr…

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One Response to Homesick Rory

  1. D says:

    Chin up Rory….everything is still grey and cloudy in Galway. You probably keep in touch with people more online now than when you were here…. All else fails COME HOME!!!! Sure HP will still have ya!!:D

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