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Remember the whole “Abortion in Ireland” thing? Remember the politicians leaving their overlords for voting against abortion (just a week ago) for conscientious (PR) reasons? Remember how everybody knew it was just another bit of politician distraction? A little bit of spin to distract the media and its underlings (You) from the crushing reality of a fifth year of unbelievable tax levels and hilarious new ways of accruing it? Remember that? It was last week.

So the Royal Baby shows up and the media is once again distracted. “OH LOOK AT THE BABY!” I saw a stand of Newspapers this moring all with the headline “Its a Boy!”. As if we give a fuck that a lifelong tax exile was born. Turns out people do.

“KILL THE BABIES!”…”I resign.”

And Now…


We live in a hamster country. Irish people take the food pellet and are delighted to get it.

And what did the politicians come up with today to get their names in the news. You know, like a child that sees a new baby enter the family and needs to reclaim attention? Un-Vouched expenses. New. New News.

Politician “Politicians are crooks”

Will it change? No. As long as they find ways to distract the newspaper types we will enjoy years of misery in this country. Wake up. Why didnt they talk about abortion today?

Sky News ticker…

“Royal Baby Born.”
“Ireland Legalise Abortion.”

Turkeys voting for Christmas.



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