Separation of Desperation

People in Ireland, like with most things I post will get defensive about this post and will take it as me comparing to the United States. Well, in this one I am, but not because the US is so much better. It may actually be the opposite, maybe America is a shit hole that fucks with it’s citizens and conditions them to not only accept the disparity between classes but to champion it, socialism is a dirty word here to the point that people will be out on their ass living in the street and accept that they’ve just fallen on hard times, there’s a saying here that homeless people in America think they are just temporarily embarrassed millionaires, there’s incredible drive to succeed here and people are fiercely independent and want their success to be completely their own, it’s both incredibly admirable and incredibly naive. The top dogs continue to rake in the fortunes built on the hardship of those less fortunate and walk over them lying on the street when leaving the office on their way home to the mansion. The government will continue to make it’s politicians and lobbying groups filthy rich, even if it has a negative affect on the citizens. Over here it’s profit before people always.

Ireland is not coming back as strong as the US, in fact you could argue it’s difficult to see it coming back to anything near the dizzying highs of a few years ago due to not having much redeemable qualities. Ireland is a country with generous social welfare which is quite likely the reason, in the face of unbelievable corruption, very few have raised their fists in anger to demand a fairer shake. Because, lets face it. Even in the current economic doom and gloom, living in Ireland is a pretty sweet deal!  To be homeless in Ireland, you likely suffer from a serious disorder which inclines you to be in a state in which you can’t even go for the help you desperately need and can receive. e.g. alcoholics, drug addicts, people with mental health issues.

Yesterday I saw something from downtown Phoenix which I thought was an incredible juxtaposition to Ireland and likely most of Europe. There was a young man wearing a suit, holding a sign saying “For Hire” This immediately made me remember “Jobless Paddy” in Ireland who was in the news back home. Jobless Paddy was a young guy who spent a lot of money to buy a billboard advertising himself for a job. The press grabbed onto this story and shone a positive light on the guy. Nobody questioned the fact that he had so much money at his disposal to pay for this billboard. The billboard also suggested he wanted a job so he wouldn’t have to emigrate…so not only did he have money for the billboard but as his own suggestion, after the billboard he would have had the funds to emigrate. It’s amazing that in the eyes of the media at least that is somebody in need of help. This guy in Phoenix in a suit looking for a job is not the first I have seen. This guy does not have the funds at his disposal to make an over the top advertisement for himself. I guess the whole point of this is, I have realized that rock bottom in Ireland is not nearly as low as rock bottom here.



Well, I found it interesting anyways, that’s all. And before anyone says it, I know there’s people in Ireland who are falling on hard times and yada yada yada. If you can afford a can of coke, have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.


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