A Cynicists Movie Review: Star Trek – Into the Darkness

It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie and that’s mainly because I really don’t like going to the cinema. When I’m at home I tend to dick around on my computer rather than sit down and watch a movie. In fact, I got rid of my tv over four months ago, If I want to watch something to pass some time I tend to watch a documentary on Netflix. But any who! Due to the heat wave we’ve been having in Phoenix recently I opted to go the movies a couple of times to get out of the apartment whilst not being outside! One of the movies I went to see was Star Trek: Into the Darkness. I went to see The Hobbit when that came out and before that film, there was a feature trailer for this Star Trek movie. I am not a Trekkie, I did not enjoy the TV show or any of the older movies. I’m just not a Sci-Fi type of guy. People raved about the last movie, I did not see it. But the trailer I saw a few months ago was compelling enough to get me to pry some money out of my fat greasy hand to go to see it.

Well! Once Again, I have been had! The part the trailer showed was by far the best and most compelling part of the movie….unfortunately it was also the first 15 minutes!!! The opening scenes were fast paced, exciting and visually amazing. The acting in the movie seemed fine for the most part. Unfortunately though, they broke that cardinal sin for me, in that, something stuck out as odd in the middle of the movie but got glossed over quickly as if to not draw your attention to it, and then ended up being the lynch pin to the ending…I hate when movies do that. I enjoy twists in movies when they are actual twists, not something which is so obvious, these new age movie makers need to get better with their story telling…meh!! So the movie definitely loses big marks for that.

I really like BBC’s Sherlock, thanks to Sean and Sinead for getting me to watch it. I’ve since watched more episodes on Netflix, it is one of the better tv shows put out there in the last 10 years. Why is this relevant? Because the actor who plays Sherlock Holmes had a starring role in this movie and was excellent in his role. I had heard Zachary Quinto was the stand out performer in the first movie, he was quite good in this one, but I guess with that character it’s tough to stand out compared to others since it’s such a one dimensional character.

As I said, I did not watch the television show, I did not like it, my sister liked some of the tv shows so I did try to watch it, I just found the fact that they basically invented a lot of their own terminology and languages in the show as completely removed from real life, complete fantasy which I guess is just not for me. The movie did not do this, you do not need to know all of the Trekkie speak, so that’s good! The story to me was kind of lame and the movie seemed to run long because of that. So for these reasons I give this movie 3 stars and more importantly 2 Mehs!


Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 10.22.38 PM


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