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Just a thought

Remember the whole “Abortion in Ireland” thing? Remember the politicians leaving their overlords for voting against abortion (just a week ago) for conscientious (PR) reasons? Remember how everybody knew it was just another bit of politician distraction? A little bit … Continue reading

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Steve vs Kanye…still

I recently made a horrendous decision to leave my job and start kind of fresh in an office. Its a new start regardless of how much I hate it. Positive? My entire routine has been thrown out of whack due … Continue reading

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Separation of Desperation

People in Ireland, like with most things I post will get defensive about this post and will take it as me comparing to the United States. Well, in this one I am, but not because the US is so much … Continue reading

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How To Know What A Guy Wants

I was recently answering some comments on a post from a few months ago. The post was really created in jest, When I was showed the other sites which were offering dating advice for American women about dating Irish men, … Continue reading

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A Cynicists Movie Review: Star Trek – Into the Darkness

It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie and that’s mainly because I really don’t like going to the cinema. When I’m at home I tend to dick around on my computer rather than sit down and watch a … Continue reading

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