The World is Fucked

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse. The worlds social and political landscape becomes more and more depressing by the day. The United States is in turmoil over the NSA monitoring peoples communications. It was proven that the IRS targeted opposition members for tax audits, conspiracy theories are abound over the possible execution of a journalist named Michael Hastings in California and now playing chicken with the Ruskies over a whistleblower. They really need a distraction and with the possible legalization and further decriminlization of marijuana on the books.

The Irish government was seemingly bamboozled by a few Cowboys in Anglo Irish who laughed and joked around about using tax payer money to bail their worthless asses out, though they probably would have still bailed them out anyways. So here’s my plan, I say we go find this Drumm fella, roll him up in a giant rug and then chuck him off a bridge a teehee. Conneely got elected as the Mayor of Galway for the second time. The HSE played hide the weasel with the Savita case. It’s looking like Australia is a complete clusterfuck politically at the moment too with Julia Gillard getting ousted as Prime Minister for some slick dick that has already been shamed previously. Canada is stripping free speech and allegedly operating death panels in Hospitals due to being over-run due to their Universal Healthcare, they supposedly have a panel to decide what patients should be a priority and what patients should not. Two major city mayors caught up in serious scandals to boot! eh

What all of that typed out, Where can an asylum seeker from the ‘developed’ world go for refuge? My bet is Norway. They are self sufficient, mainly due to luck in fairness, they have incredible natural resources BUT a huge difference is the fact that they didn’t lose their heads. They don’t seem to suffer from the same fate of mass corruption that other ‘developed’ countries do. They also showed remarkable poise and rational in dealing with the murder spree that devastated the country in 2011. Let’s all rendezvous in Oslo in a year from now and have a big sexy party

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