A plea to Irish Radio Stations

This is a plea to all Irish radio stations. I was recently horrified to hear a new song by the band Muse called Panic Station on the radio yesterday…and again today. It is by no means the greatest song in the world but it is right up my alley. I have been listening to the latest Muse album for months now and Panic Station is easily my favourite song on it. So why am I annoyed it is getting national airplay?

It simple you see. Irish Radio stations play the same songs every day for a period of months and I have to listen to it at work. Its not often I like the music played on the radio and when I do it is not long before it becomes over played and I end up despising it. Irish radio overplay songs to a level those of you outside of this country will never fully comprehend. I remember a day where I heard the same god awful Rihanna song five times. FIVE TIMES! Its not enough that her particular brand of aural-rape is repetitive enough as it is – let alone having to hear it on repeat all the live long day. God I hate that bitch.

My problem is this. If they play Panic Station constantly I will grow to hate it and its funky opening notes will force the suicidal thoughts to rush to the forefront of my conscience. I am just using this song as a personal example.

Take the latest Daft Punk song as another example. I thought nothing of it really. It’s a passable song, very simplistic and bland…nothing special. It is neither good nor bad and I didn’t mind when it came now and again to bridge the gaps between Rihanna and (insert relevant indie band, banjo pop or Dance DJ featuring female vocalist) noises. Now however, I hear it I want to kill myself using the quickest method possible. This may seem like an extreme statement but apathy soon departs while listening to it 20-30 times a week.

The radio stations (especially Today FM) seem to have acknowledged that it is played out so now they have resorted to playing remix versions of Get Lucky…you know…to keep it fresh or something like that? I think? Please stop playing it, please?! Pharrell Williams even features on another song called Blurred Lines that itself has been driven, not only into the ground, but far beneath the surface world into the lairs of the Molepeople…who now are also sick of Mr.Williams’ featuring in two tracks. Pharrell Williams. He’s so hot right now. Pharrell Williams.

So, Irish Radio Stations! Hear my voice! Prevent my sexy suicide!!



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7 Responses to A plea to Irish Radio Stations

  1. Can i just click like all over this post?

    I’ll take care of Rihanna for you if you rid me of Miley Cyrus for life; Deal?

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