The Revolution of the Dickheads

A few weeks ago a YouTube video was posted. Within a matter of days it has surpassed 1 million views.  It really should have had more views registered but others ripped it and posted it themselves. It’s one of the funniest videos and catchiest songs that has ever been posted on YouTube. What interests me even more is the precedent he has set. You see, he didn’t just make a throw away funny video and upload it. He created a video that went viral and subsequently promoted his album, his album which is free to download from his own website:


I am not a marketing student or a journalist but I find the new wave of Internet Marketing to be pretty interesting. I can remember when Conan O’Brien lost the Tonight Show, he had signed an agreement to not appear on television, he decided with his time off, this period in which he could not appear on television that he would instead do a live variety show and tour around the country with it. Problem being, he couldn’t appear on television to promote it and so he simply tweeted about the availability of tickets and managed to sell out the entire tour without spending any money on advertising.

Next up, Louis CK. Louis got recognition and fame so he decided with this fame he would use his name as leverage. He decided he would not air his Comedy special on a network or sell the DVD through a distributor, instead he paid for the production of the special and the sold it on his own website for 5 dollars a pop. Cheaper than any of his other specials, so better for the fans and also it meant he got more money in the long run because the distributor was not going to get their cut and he’d sell more due to the low price. Next, He decided he would no longer use Ticketmaster for booking his live stand up dates, unfortunately most venues refused to do business with him because Ticketmaster would stop using them if they did. He ended up finding second rate venues but ended up doing an entire tour in which he sold the tickets for cheaper than usual and sold them through his website.

Well Lil Dicky has done something pretty special himself. An entire album completely free from a guy who does not already have fame, who does not already have a loyal fan base. The internet is not merely a means to reach his already earned fanbase. This is his way to get noticed. He will become famous from his skill being recognized and in the process he is giving his music for free. Like a pimp giving a hooker crack to keep her loyal. I salute you Mr. Dick. Everybody should be a Dickhead (it’s what his fans are called.) His album is really good, all of the songs are good, it’s fun to listen to.

Here’s his latest piece of work, share it if your like it, he deserves the views for his efforts:


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