Steve on the Phil Lynott Statue being damaged.

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This weekend Rory sent me a link to a news story on twitter knowing how pissed off it would make me. You may have heard that the statue of Phil Lynott was pushed over by two idiots this weekend. It was seriously damaged and has since been taken away for repairs.

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Now leaving aside the fact that people actually pushed over a statue and thought it was funny…It was Phil Lynott you pricks! The frontman and song writer for the greatest band this country has ever produced! What is wrong with you?! Have some damn respect! That statue was funded by fans of Thin Lizzy and not by a council or board or any other form of public sector bureaucracy! You little shits better pay for the repairs. I just don’t get people.

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Apparently the culprits (I have a much better word to use but I use it too much, I’m cuntish for that.) are two lads in their 20s. These two absolute wasters were arrested and then released without charge…what was the point in arresting them if you are not going to charge them? Should we all just run around knocking over statues now? Seriously. Why were these clowns let go with nothing more than a slap on the wrist? Why didn’t the cops name and shame them so we could all abuse them in the streets? I would personally join Facebook just to cyberbully them…constantly.

Okay, so these guys get off scot free for damaging a statue while drunk. That’s the story I get. What does that say to them? “Go ahead you scamps! Get wasted and do whatever you want! Go on now, go to coppers and grope the ladies. Oh you two!”. I’m sure the cops are sick to death of dealing with idiots like these on a nightly basis, and I know they have not got the resources to deal with anti-social behavior on that kind of scale every night and short of hiring a Batman figure (which I will do for free) they can’t stop everything…so why didn’t they use this incident to send a message?

I believe these lads should get the death penalty. Yes. The death penalty. What a statement of intent that would be! Oh, and I don’t mean any pansy ass lethal injection either! Death my repeated kicks in the groin. Really make them suffer. Perhaps hang them from a tree by their giant statue-defeating balls while I introduce my size 12 feet to their faces? Let’s see what happens when people fight back shall we? Death by kicking for the two of them…case closed.

This is why I should be in charge of everything.



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One Response to Steve on the Phil Lynott Statue being damaged.

  1. @2Lhasaapsos says:

    100% agree with you on this one

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