Sir Alex Ferguson and my life.

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I couldn’t let this day pass without mentioning the boss. Today Sir Alex Ferguson retired his managerial position at Manchester United and I don’t know what to make of it. He has been the manager of the club I love since I was 11 months old so it will be extremely odd for me to see another man in his chair. I don’t remember Ron Atkinson as United Manager as I was too busy peeing into a nappy.

There is no need for me to go on and repeat all of his accomplishments here as I am sure you are sick of listening to it all day, so I won’t. This is more of an entry concerning my life and his reign.

The news leaked out late last night so I was prepared for the worst should it actually happen, but I never expected it to happen this quickly! I feel like somebody has died! (Which is kind of how I expected Fergie to leave)

Looking back at his 26 years and 38 trophies at Old Trafford there must be very few regrets, we have been spoiled with success. It is just a shame that when he finally cracked Europe we came up against a Barcelona team in two finals that will most likely be remembered for eternity such is their greatness. A shower of boring bastards if you ask me but that is beside the point. By all rights Sir Alex should have four European Cups (and the club that sweet Liverpool-equaling five) under his belt but no team on earth would have touched Barca during those two finals. It happened but Fergie still had given us two great nights before that. Barcelona in 1999 and then Moscow in 2008 are etched into my memory so much that I plan on naming my unfortunate children after them. “Solksjaer Treble99 Murphy” and “Moscow HahaJohnTerry Murphy” will have a tough school life but hey! As if I care!

I have been thinking about Sir Alex leaving all day and I can line up each great United moment with a part of my life which is unique in todays game. This will never be done again and I think that is very special. Supporters now aged 26-30 will agree with me here.

Think of all the players Fergie has had in this time! In my opinion Sir Alex has had three great, truly great, sides.

The Cantona years.
The “treble winning” side in 1999.
The “Moscow” era side.

I call them the Cantona years because that’s what they were. Eric Cantona being absolutely amazing and United winning 4 titles in his 5 years at the club. Oh, and kicking a fan right in his stupid pikey face. The double, that sweet first double. The 1990s were Fergies stomping ground.

The Treble Winning side were unstoppable. If you look back at even just the recognised starting 11 these were good days. Schmeichel, Neville, Stam, Johnsen, Irwin, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Beckham, Yorke, Cole. Fergies finest achievement in my opinion. The Treble. I will never forget it. Nor will I ever forget how Phil Neville nearly f**ked the whole thing up in the Cup semi final! Schmeichel didn’t allow it.

Then there was the latest great side. Three European Cup finals in four years and barring Barcelona and their ways he would have won all three. Seriously, we could have beaten any other team. Van Der Sar and Vidic. Scholseys winner against in the semi against Barcelona. The 4 lads Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov and uhh…Carlos Tevez (what ever happened to that guy??). That team for four years or so were brilliant. The midfield was exploited and it took Barcelona to stop what would go down as the most successful period in our history. Yes, I am quite bitter about Barcelona showing up.

I’m sure lots of “Fergies Best 11” lists are flying around the Internet but that isn’t going to stop me from doing it! This is a very difficult thing to do so if you don’t think I’m right I really don’t care. This is my blog entry so get your own personal internets!

GK. Peter Schmeichel
RB. Gary Neville
LB. Dennis Irwin
CB. Jaap Stam
CB. Nemanja Vidic
LM. Ryan Giggs. (Obviously)
RM. Christiano Ronaldo.
CM. Paul Scholes. (I love you Scholsey)
CM. Roy Keane.
F. Eric Cantona.
F. Ruud Van Nistelrooy

Sub. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Obviously)
Sub. Wayne Rooney
Sub. Edwin Van Der Sar
Sub. David Beckham
Sub. Mark Hughes
Sub. Rio Ferdinand
Sub. A second Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

20130508-110445 p.m..jpg

Literally all of my life has passed on as players came and went. Teams were promoted and relegated. Managers came and went but Fergie remained the one constant in English Football. There have been a few bad times to be fair…

20130508-094727 p.m..jpgYou ain’t pretty no more!

…but who cares on a day like this.

Thank you Sir Alex, thank you for everything you have done for Manchester United and all the moments you have given me. It’s hard to pick one but…actually no it isn’t!

“Beckham…to Sheringham…and Solksjaer has won it! Manchester United have reached the promised land!”

Well done Clive Tildsley. I shed a single manly tear watching this video again. It looks like David Moyes will be the new manager which I think could be a good appointment. Nobody wants to be the first guy in after Sir Alex and I don’t envy him but let’s give him a chance shall we?! I am so happy that it is not Jose Mourinho it is untrue. I would have gone on hunger strike outside the stadium to keep that asshole away. No to Jose, thanks. His football is terrible, it’s all about him and let us not forget his dirty Chelsea past. Toot on, Mr.Moyes, toot on.

I keep reading reports online and hearing radio bulletins starting with “David Moyes is the favorite for the Manchester United Job” and it confuses the hell out of me! The words vacant and Manchester United Job are unfathomable in my head. It just sounds odd to me. Expect a lot of journos mistakenly typing his name at the start of match reports!

Manchester United manger Sir Alex Ferguson David Moyes…

It is simply too odd and it is going to be very hard to get used to seeing anybody else on the chair in the house Fergie built.

To Mr.Moyes…welcome to Manchester United. Believe in the youth team, play an entertaining brand of football, be competitive in all tournaments and we will get along just fine. Welcome.

Okay, this has been a very poorly written blog entry but it is just like today I guess. Reaction. Confusion. Emotion. Acceptance. I would love to sit down and really make a proper go at paying tribute to the great man but I had to react today. It is poorly written and has very little structure which pretty much sums up how I feel about Sir Alex moving on. I’m feeling sad. I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m feeling proud. I’m concerned about the future and I wanted to capture all of that by not forcing any kind of rule on this. Pure reaction and sudden bursting of ideas. It’s been a frantic and emotional day…this is the result of it, basic scratchings on a majestic surface.

Iv never been one to go traveling or go away for weekends, I just want to watch football. I would much rather be sitting down with a beer watching Sir Alex and Manchester United than swanning around a slum in South America, visiting friends or any other nonsense like that. Today is a huge day in the history of Steve.

If United go 100 years without another trophy I will still be delighted I lived through these days. We have been spoiled and the amount of times a football club drew manly tears of joy from me during myself and Sir Alex’ last 26/27 years is worth it all.

So how do I end it? How do I sum up my life of watching Manchester United coinciding with the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson? How do I capture all of the joy, all of the torment and all of the emotions supporting this club and this man? Easy.

“I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Football. Bloody Hell.”

Thank you Sir Alex. Thank you.


P.S. I would do anything for Sir Alex to end his speech on Sunday with “I’m just going out for a pack of smokes”.

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