Wrestlemania Diary – Part 3

Well the day had come and it was time for the MAIN EVENT! My cousin, the two kids and I bundled into a car and headed for MetLife Stadium the home to the New York Giants and the New York Jets. A brand new stadium which will be hosting the Superbowl in 2014, this event was being lauded as it’s test, following last years power outage in New Orleans. Unfortunately we decided to be extra prudent and showed up outside the stadium hours earlier than we needed to. The only source of entertainment outside the stadium was tailgaters and none other than WWE Hall Of Famer trying to shake down unsuspecting fans for 20 dollars an autograph. No Bullshit!!



Bob Backlund actually proved to be one of the most entertaining aspects of the weekend and was a welcome relief as we could be pretty sure that no matter how bad life may get, it would likely not get as bad as it apparently is for Bob! The Stadium is beautiful. American Football stadiums and actually Baseball stadiums too are something to see! I guess with all of the money that floats around the sports, they really invest heavily into these stadiums and must get great talents to design them.



I got the kiddos a couple of T-shirts and we settled into our seats and settled down and marvelled at the crazy impressive set. WWE really out did themselves this year.  When they had the event in Florida the last couple of times they had huge palm trees around the ring and it looked amazing but the just how elaborate this one was, was pretty special. WWWF back in the old days, when wrestling was territorial before Vince McMahon broke out and took viciously dismantled that by going rogue and attempting to go national, yes before that, WWWF was always referred to as New York. So this was a special event for Vince and his family.



Unfortunately as you might see from this picture, our view of the ring itself was pretty obstructed. We ended up watching pretty much all but the intros from tv screens when we could! It was pretty disappointing. Because of this it’s tough to write a positive review of Diary entry for the event itself. I have contacted WWE  regarding the debacle. Hopefully they do the right thing and compensate us in some way. Looking at the screens was even tough as you can see there was a damn spotlight over the ring blinding us! Still highlights of the night was obviously the cool return of The Undertaker, getting to see Living Color play live (They were really really good!) and that match itself. It was good to see The Rock lose to John Cena also, it seems like the right thing to do as he’s away being a movie star and really should not be carrying around the championship belt while not even willing to work the shows.



For Ricky and I, I think it was still good to be there as we had been at the Royal Rumble this year also so it was like we got to be at the build up and the actual show. We got to see The Rock win the title and lose the title. We got to see the return of Jericho and the Chris Jericho putting over young talent like the professional that he is.



The Undertakers streak lives on and I guess, why not. I think he should lose the streak to end his career whenever that is and I think the guy he should lose that to is CM Punk but we’ll see what happens. Maybe Ricky and I…and maybe Steve!!! will go over to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans next year. I hope WWE do the right thing and reimburse me so that’s more of a possibility!!!


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  1. Jackie Monaghan says:

    What about me ! I am so going to 30 !!!

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