Wrestlemania Diary – Part 1

I type This up as I wait to board a plane to New York city. My cousin Ricky will be waiting for me in JFK airport when I land at 6am.  I had a normal work day today, got home packed my bag, did some laundry for the next work week and then walked to the train.
As is my despise for all mankind, I walked on board the train with my headphones on and my eyes looking downwards. There was a fella on the train with a big ass pitbull, the dog looked friendlier than a lot of the people. Its then I made the mistake of maling eye contact with the guy in front of me. I see his lips moving and quickly look down as if, he’d think I didn’t notice and leave me the fuck alone. After a minute I look up and the guy is still talking toward me and gesturing, so I take off my headphones and say hey, are you alright. He asked me why the train was so Bush today…next thing I know Im stick in a conversation about some fuckin car he just bought. Im the least manly man I know. I have no interest in cars. Luckily I got to get off at the next stop. So onwards I went.

After some shitty airport Pizza I went to go through security. I noticed my ticket says “Seat assigned at gate” , it turns out that I got upgraded to an exit seat…yeah boi!! More leg room. I have never seen that before. So I continue on through security. Another first. I was the only person going through security!! There was about 10 TSA workers all standing around shooting the shit. As Im going through I catch the tail end of a comment “and she said, Im a soldier and I was like sooooo”….wonderful.

Im in the airport wearing a throw back Austin 3:16 shirt. I did not check luggage so I have two wrestling shirts and a regular shirt for the Hall of Fame. So am wearing a wrestling shirt by proxy. Sure enough getting shouts of AUSTIN 3:16, I just whipped your ass and Oh Hell Yeah. A guy in the airport came up to talk to me. He says Cena will win and Punk will lose and What a shame as Punk was a geest champion. As much as people here will be in the spirit, New York will be insane. I was in New York for WM 20, 9 Years ago. This will be great!!


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