Guest Blog – Gemma is a Hoarder…

Meet our latest Guest Blogger…Gemma! Who is she? Not a clue! What’s her deal? I dunno! So what’s the deal? She hoards crap to the point of mental breakdown and we offered her a wheelie to blog for us. Everybody is happy, except for all the crap she threw out. Anyway, this is Gemmas blog entry, enjoy!

Old Documents

Old documents are at the core of my annoyance today. It would appear that in fact I hoard a lot more than I thought and that up until as recent as January 2012 things aren’t as digital as we might have assumed.

I am in the process of “room moving” to a bigger surface area in my parents home. A lot of thought has gone into this as it does require a lot of effort and raises the question; will i just fill a bigger space with more useless stuff?
Having returned to the family home after being away full time since 2006, its like going back to being a teenager again, sort of.

Firstly, I left for college in 2006 – 2010 then disappeared to England in 2011 for a years adventure in Essex..innit…
before returning in 2012 and renting myself for 8 months. One can only imagine the accumulation of crap gathered with all that time away and movement.

I am currently trudging my way through bank statements from 2009; receipts from tesco from 2011. Paperwork after paperwork from banks, water companies, electricity companies, phone companies, old C.Vs, old Valentines cards (not good!!!), old letters (amusing) a boots advantage card that I don’t think that I have ever used ; and so on and so forth..

While some might find this therapeutic, I feel like it is a task that reoccurs every 2-3 years causing painful endless ripping up of paper,dumping, and of course re-hoarding the bits that you can’t bring yourself to throw away for fear it might be needed somewhere down the line… only to realise when the next 2 years come around, the same thing is still in fact in the same envelope never to have been touched.

I have gone through 6 cups of tea and it is only 13.40. .
It is causing me to question why we keep all these things, receipts, bank statements, letters of this letters of that…

However, I do know, that the next time I receive an up to date bank statement or purchase an electronic item of great value for which the receipt is the guarantee; I will put them in the drawer for safe keeping for the next 24-36 months …. just in case.

Its a never ending circle, for which I can’t see a solution.. So for now, I continue to trudge through; throwing away every scrap possible to try and ensure that my new abode is a clutter free and tranquil as can be……..until the next move!!!!!

The end.


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