Bill Burr

Not sure why, but I’ve noticed a lot of posts on Forum sites and stories in regards to Womens rights this week, I guess maybe with the talk of the new pope it’s being seen as a good time to put a spotlight on womens rights that may be affected by Catholic guilt or something, all the while I discovered a very funny Comedian that I had never heard of before. His name is Bill Burr. He’s pretty unique, He produces a Podcast every Monday, as part of this Podcast he answers peoples mail and has an advice section called “Oh, Jesus”, it’s so fascinating and funny at the same time. In his stand-up he has a few jokes about women and seems to get lambasted as being misogynistic, making remarks such as saying that gold digging whores are the wife beaters for men and raises the question, if there was a hostage situation why do women get to be released first? Like bullets don’t hurt men! I find him funny, something that also rings true about him, he say’s he enjoys using generalizations and finds humor in it and also fuck you, that’s why. I’ve touched on the use of generalizations before, why get upset by a generalization?, men don’t tend to give a shit if a woman says men are pigs…the only reason you ever hear a guy bring up the fact that some women do, is in this very vein, to show the double standard of it, how that is accepted by many of the same people who will jump on your ass if you dare make a generalization about whatever their gender or whatever.

I have listened to his Podcast now for a few weeks. Aside from being pretty funny, his podcast actually offers a great insight and highlights some injustices that befall men which are never discussed in the media. I also found his Podcasts about his European tour to be pretty interesting, hearing his impressions of what people were like and if there was a difference in the sense of humor and just general quips. He doesn’t just focus on these sorts of social topics, his bit about getting his dog is also amazing. You should check out his Podcast on his website which you can find HERE and check out his standup specials on DVD or via Netflix, you can also get his latest special on the same website I linked above. I was excited to be introduced to the genius of Louis CK a few years ago by a friend and this year I’m happy to have found Bill Burr, hours of entertainment! I can’t wait to see him live.



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