Xbox 360 Controller won’t sync

Hi Assholes,

Firstly I’ve had an Xbox 360 for years, since it actually released. Any time I’ve had to sync the controller to the system. I have never had a problem, it’s worked consistently. Until today.

So a few days ago the batteries ran out on my controller. I bought new batteries, put them in and then tried to sync it with the system. I have done it shit loads of times and never had any problems. This just would not work. Spent 15 minutes. Looked it up online, one person had something similar and said it was just an issue with the particular game he had in his system (I think he’s talking out of his arse)

Anywho, I figured out my problem. I took my HDMI cable out of the Xbox 2 nights ago and plugged it into my laptop to practice my presentation. Plug that fucker into the tv and the lights even changed the speed in which they spun on the Xbox. Hit sync and fuckin things worked! Are you serious Bro!?


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