Steve vs FIFA 13 Matchfixing.

So as I’m sure you know I am excellent at FIFA 13 and even have a helpful guide for Steves People on how to win online and destroy your opponent while doing it. It’s called “The Steve System” and it can be found here. I have had a few challengers since posting my Xbox Gamertag and I have ruined all of them with my excellence. You know who you are folks…you know who you are. My finest win was 7 to a gentleman’s 1 by a reader of this blog, I piss excellence.

I was playing FIFA online last night and received a message from my opponent at half time informing me that he just needed a draw to stay in the top division and wanted me to go along and finish the game (with what was at the time) 1-1. This was at half time. The following are the xbox mails between us. Unedited and in full. The pics might come out all pixelly so I apologise. Here’s the first mail I received from this guy.

20130210-080804 p.m..jpg

20130210-080831 p.m..jpg

20130210-080848 p.m..jpg

20130210-080925 p.m..jpg

He should have know what would happen next! He had informed me that he wanted a draw and up until this point he had been trying to keep the ball and was very successful in doing it. I started to lay off of him until he got sloppy and I pounced, well, Robin Van Persie pounced and buried a left footed rocket past the keeper at his near post (FIFA 13 GK weakness…shhh).

20130210-081157 p.m..jpg

20130210-081217 p.m..jpg

20130210-081238 p.m..jpg

20130210-081300 p.m..jpg

20130210-081327 p.m..jpg

20130210-081432 p.m..jpg

I waited for a reply for about five minutes and nothing happened. I wanted to continue pissing this guy off so I could post this blog for you sexy people. I did the only thing I could. The only thing that would provoke a response.

20130210-081641 p.m..jpg

20130210-081703 p.m..jpg

20130210-081734 p.m..jpg

20130210-081750 p.m..jpg

This is what happens when you try to fix matches online in FIFA. You’re going to have a bad time. Iv made a difference here today.



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