Playing FIFA 13 Online : The Steve System

I have been meaning to write this since Christmas but I have not had the time. My post from last year about playing FIFA 12 online was very popular and damn effective so I thought I would update it for FIFA 13 for you sexy people. The game itself is vastly different from last years effort so the Steve System needs to be updated.

I will post this in the way that you would actually sit down and start a match to make it easier to use. The Steve System, unlike most tactics, is faultless if executed correctly. It uses two different simple formations combined with the one button tactics thingy to pull off and trust me this is simple. I am not the best player in the world, nowhere near it. The Steve System is extremely effective online as it is a one-off game against a player you will never play again. It frustrates the life out of them leading to silly mistakes. It’s wonderful.

1. Picking a Team

First things first is picking your team…ground breaking stuff from me. What style of player are you? Quick wingers? Lots of crossing? Big headers? Nippy midfielders slipping in through balls? Long ball merchant? Power strikers? One-man Team operators? Possession play? One-two to runs off the ball? The Steve System accommodates all comers.

If you like to have flying wingers bombing crosses into a strong striker you go with Bayern Munich…simple as. Robben and Ribery are lightning quick on the flanks and have great crosses in them. Mario Gomez will get his head to every cross they put in and usually scores if the shoot button is timed correctly. Should the ball spill out to the edge of the box you have Schweinsteiger and Kroos there to crack a first time shot off to create chaos in the box.

If you like strong and quick players then Real Madrid are your team. The back four are physically strong and have a little pace compared to other teams. The midfield is full of skillful players with great passing to feed Ronaldo who is easily the best player in FIFA 13. He is extremely quick, has god-like power and is lethal in the air. He is two-footed and if you crack a shot off from anywhere it will be ludicrously powerful and always on target.

Barcelona are Barcelona. Powerful centre backs and quick full backs. Insane midfield and then you have young Messi lad up front. Uhhh…not much more to say, great team to use if you like possession play and quick nippy passes along the ground. Not for fans of crossing the ball unfortunately but you get Messi, a fine trade off for limited attacking options (if you can call it that?).

I personally recommend using Manchester United, not because I’m a United supporter but because they have the best squad in the game for the Steve System. Apart from two crap goalkeepers the rest of the team are 82 and upwards. I use a front three of Van Persie, Chicarito and Rooney and it is lethal when you get a yard of space. The depth of the squad is immense and there is no better team to use than United to close out a game.

2. Formation

This is the most crucial part of The Steve System as I use two in most games, trust me it’s straight forward, relax! There is my extremely attacking one and my “keep it tight” “shut the game down” one. Both excellent and sexy. This is the first…the attacking one.

20130127-075800 p.m..jpg

This is how I attack. All players in close enough range for quick one-twos, runs and lots of shooting. Defenders are well back to counter the crappy “push up” defending AI. Chicarito at the top of the attack with RVP behind him on his left and Rooney behind him on the right. I will explain later why I have it set out that way but trust me. Also, click left on your d-pad to set the formation to Defensive, this pulls them all back a little setting up epic counter attacks.

20130127-080149 p.m..jpg

My “closing it out” formation. Late in the game if I am hanging on to a lead I deploy this little beauty. It is impossible to break down and it frustrates the life out if your opponent. Also, note the lone striker at the front. Use your quickest player in this position even if he isn’t a striker. Your opponent will be set to Ultra Attacking in his d-pad tactic which leaves him open to counter attack. Hoof it long to the guy at the top and sprint for an easy tap in.

3. Winning

Now it’s finally time to play the game! You ready? Ok so some of the stuff from last year still applies so I will report what I said last year to save on typing…I use my phone for this blog so gimmie a break won’t you?

a) The 5 minute rule.

A largely known fact about online play is that you can quit your game in the first five minutes and the game will not count. People use this to their advantage. NEVER score a goal in the first five minutes…he will quit. Suss your opponent out to see if he is any good, if you think he can’t hang with your mad skills pile on the pressure. It works both ways, if he quits AFTER the first five minutes you will get those sweet sweet three points…hammer those goals in sir!

b) Dealing with a player better than you.

This is very straight forward. If you notice that you have very little chance of beating a player it is time to frustrate him. The best players I have played against have a very particular pattern to their attack. A lot of the time it is the the old “striker – midfielder one two”. Take for example Real Madrid. 99% of the time they will get the ball to Ronaldo, he then will pass back to the midfielder who will immediately put in a through ball back to Ronaldo given his frightening pace and the fact that you followed the ball back to the midfielder leaving Ronaldo alone. NEVER, and The Rock means NEVER, follow the ball! Track the run of the striker and you will win the loose ball every damn time.

This is just one example of the common patterns players stick with. Another is the usual wing play while playing Bayern Munich. They run either Robben or Ribery (or both) down the wings and ALWAYS cross in to Gomez as he is a beast in the air. Force the players wide and put a little pressure on but never dive into a tackle as he will walk past you with either player. Give him no option but to take you on and he will, and I guarandamntee it, blaze it wide. If he does get a cross in…RUSH THE GOALIE!! Simple.

Those are just two examples and there are many more trodden patterns. Once the player realises his system is not working he will panic and switch to something else – something he is not confident in doing. Then you hit him with all you have and send him home to his mother crying. Word.

c) Exploiting FIFA bugs.

This second in importance only to the above psychological destruction. FIFA has many AI bugs that are easily exploited.

The main one is the bug I mentioned above about the striker – midfielder one two. This has been done to you many times admit it! If you hold the pressure button your dumbass defender will follow the ball leaving the striker free in space to slap that ball into your goal. ALWAYS stay with the runner if you are defending and ALWAYS try this tactic yourself! If he doesn’t pick up on it then it is likely you will get away with it multiple times. It is a sign of a bad player if he does not spot this. It is easily the simplest way to score.

The way you lay your players out in defense is going to directly affect the result. I personally pull the defensive line way back, basically right on front of the keeper. This seems defensive, almost Wigan-like, but due to the crappy AI it is vital. The AI will always push up needlessly so counteract that by pulling them way back…leaving them in a great spot (after they push up) to block shots/make tackles etc. This is key dear reader.

The other main one is the low cross. If you tap your cross button three times quickly in a crossing position you can drill the ball in low. If you do this while close to the touchline nine times out of 10 you will cause an own goal due to crappy AI. If not it will create chaos due to the crappy AI and physical impact engine. It’s a sure fire way to get a crappy goal that will hurt your already psychologically destroyed opponent. Toot on son, toot on.

d). Attack

Now that you have ruined a guys mental state it’s time to attack even more. He will become confused due to the fact that his tried and trusted ONE METHOD is not working. He will make mistakes all over the pitch trying new things and this is where you turn on the class. Hit him with everything you have, long shots, wing play, low crosses, passing through the middle…keep it mixed and he will crumble. FIFA players are creatures of habit and usually very lacking in creativity. If you try two or three long shots in a row he will rush out to tackle, fake a shot and go round him or simply lay it on for the next guy…or put in a through ball. Keep them guessing and they always capitulate! Trust me.

So basically that all still applies from last year but the key difference is the new Attacking AI system that allows players to bend runs to stay onside and create passing lanes, keep your defenders pulled back and always stay with the man, DO NOT RUSH THE BALL! When attacking it is all about being unpredictable. As I mentioned above…If a player cops on to you doing something and counter acts it do it one or two more times fooling him into thinking that is all you can do. Change it up and it will baffle him. Lay off a pass, stop dead and cross it in, fake a shot then go around him. Keep it mixed. This game in my opinion is more about the psychological warfare than anything else, skill is secondary. A smarter more patient player will always beat the Alpha Dog.

4. First touch

This is the biggest change from last year as now shit players no longer have the touch of a Xavi or Iniesta. Know your players and what they are capable of in the game. Drilling a low pass across the pitch to a midfielder may seem like a good idea to get out of trouble but more often than not he will miss-control it and lose the ball. Know your player. On the other hand try triple-pressing the cross button in a good area to fire a low cross into a packed box… FIRST TOUCH MADNESS PARTYTIME FUN! It’s chaos! Players falling over each other due to the physical engine and first touch fails. Own goal city.

5. Shooting effectively

Know your team, folks, know your team. As I said already I use Manchester United online with Van Persie, Chicarito and Rooney upfront in a 4-3-3 basically because of the lethal forwards and their shooting abilities.

RVP is top quality with both feet but if you can get him on his left foot shoot, for the love of Satan, shoot! Same goes for both Rooney and my sweet Mexican wunderkind Chicarito. The most effective way to score a goal in this game (which nobody ever tries) is beating the keeper at the near post. If you scroll back up to see my first formation I play Chicarito up top with RVP behind him on the left and Rooney behind him on the right, this gives me the two lads on their preferred foot to shoot near post. Most of my goals come from low drilled shots at the near post as people never expect it. Think about it for a minute…you’re defending RVP running straight in the direction of the touchline beside the keepers near side. 99 time out of a hundred the guy playing will try to tuck in and curl a shot to the far post, am I right?! Nobody defends that area so just drill it to the keepers near side and you sir have a goal, well done!

This works in other ways too. Try drilling it low across the keeper to the far corner. With either RVP or Rooney’s stats that shot will go in or at least the keeper makes a save and spills it to Chicarito for a simple tap in…it works folks. Every damn time!

6. Finesse be damned!

You may have noticed how I keep saying “drill it” or “crack” or “fire” off a shot? That’s because the curled shots have been massively overhauled for FIFA 13, in that…well, they don’t work. It either is too little or far too much leaving it a skill only for the top of the toppest players. Shut up, I know that isn’t a word. Forget the finesse shot, you’re best option is to drill it low. If you take one piece of advice away from this then make it that one.

7. The Bench

Know your bench folks. Once again using the Manchester United example – you should have Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia and Danny Welbeck on your bench. They are all powerful and lightning quick, running past defenders or chasing down balls is easy as your opponents players are tired. People never substitute defenders and his full backs are usually ran lifeless by the 70th minute in the Steve System.

Ok so that is the amended Steve System for FIFA 13, thoughts? If you have any other tips please post them in the comment box below this and we will share them with the world. If you think I am full of it and that you can easily beat The Steve System why not give it a shot and shut me up? My Gamertag is Raven Effect 1 on Xbox Live so why not challenge me? I look forward to your tears.



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2 Responses to Playing FIFA 13 Online : The Steve System

  1. s2krevs9k says:

    Interesting article, especially since I mainly play with Manchester United as well.

    Could you let me know which players you use in these formations in midfield and the defense, as well as wich players you keep on the bench?

    As for the defense, I guess you’re going for Evra-Vidiv-Ferdinand-Rafael, right? But I think since the described system seems not to rely that much on attacking FBs, Smalling or Jones on the right might be a good option as well, since they got better interception stats than Rafael (Smalling 82 vs 79 Jones vs 74 Rafael), on the expense of some pace. They’re both tall and therefore better when defending against opponents corners.

    What do you think?

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