Goodbye Playstation 2

An ode to the Playstation 2, the greatest games console ever made. So it has been announced that after 12 years the PS2 has ceased being produced…personally I am amazed they were still being made! I mean, I stopped selling them about 4 years ago! The stats are staggering. 150 million units SOLD…unlike it’s gimp-like younger brothers PS3 and Vita which are “shipped” figures to cover up its crappy sales figures, a fine cop out Sony. The consoles attach rate is also amazing, according to a few sources it stands at 1.5 billion game units sold in a library amassing close to 11,000 titles. Not bad for a console that was to fall under the might of the Nintendo 64…bull.

Everybody remembers the first time they played a PS2. It was usually in a friends house and within weeks you would have your own because it blew your mind. Polygons!!! I had no idea what they were but I defiantly wanted to beat the polygons out of people in Tekken Tag tournament asap! So at work this week (because we are unstoppable nerds) we have been talking about the best PS2 games in our opinion and also about the first PS2 game we played. The same games were mentioned over and over which shows how great they really were.

20130112-034216 p.m..jpg
Grand Theft Auto III was a shock to your system. Easily one of the greatest games of all time. I still remember playing this for the first time and being glued to the TV, boredom just did not exist in this game. The affect of GTA3 is still being seen in open world games today. If that wasn’t good enough for you Rockstar came along with Vice City and San Andreas and each was better than the last. Every house with a PS2 has a copy of one or all of those games…and if they don’t…where have you been?!

20130112-034703 p.m..jpg

20130112-034719 p.m..jpg

What can you say about Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3? Brilliance! Metal Gear 2 had the same “HOLY FUCK!!” affect as GTA3 in my opinion. Excellent story line and epic boss battles are the mark of Hideo Kojimas’ masterpieces and my god are these masterpieces! MGS2 is great but 3 is even better. Cold war setting, amazing graphics even by today’s standards, excellent characters and the best storyline in a video game ever…Fact! When I hear people say “Iv never played it” when referring to MGS3 I fall over in disbelief.

Also, amazingly considering the ways games are released and kept away from one another in the release schedule Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Metal Gear Solid 3 were released within 7 days of each other! First Friday was MGS then the next Friday was GTA San Andreas! That just does not happen nowadays. Publishers crap themselves and are afraid to go head to head incase one game gets buried by the other. That was an expensive week for young Steve with his part time job in a furniture shop. The reason they went out at the same time…because they were both going to sell bucketloads anyway so why bother? GTA always sells well and Kojima pisses excellence. Hurray for the lads!

20130112-040227 p.m..jpg
What a game! Wrestling fan or not everybody loved it. Unleashing Brock Lesnar on Rey Mysterio in a cage match was a thing of beauty. The roster was excellent as this was around the time of the WCW and ECW “Invasion” and they finally got the TLC match right. Excellent game.

There are obviously so many more I don’t have time to mention but il give one more shout out to one of the best games ever. Pro Evolution Soccer 4. Sweet Satan what a game that was, I still play it from time to time! This was the game that made me tell FIFA to fuck off and die. FIFA was atrocious at the time and Pro Evo was rising. When I first moved to Galway this was the first thing I packed and the first thing I took out! To say I was addicted to it would be an understatement, I was sexually aroused by it’s presence such was it’s greatness. Unlike the GTA and MGS series Pro Evo unfortunately got worse and worse with each release. It died away and FIFA took over around the time of FIFA 2010. I still would say Pro Evo 4 was the best soccer game of all time until FIFA 13 came along.

So goodbye PS2, you have served us all well you sexy sexy console. I haven’t played you in years due to my sexier Xbox360 but I still love you.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Playstation 2

  1. Hecubus says:

    Nice piece! I still pull out the old PS2 every now and again. In many ways the PS2 is much better than the PS3, imho.

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