Projector Fun!

Oh how I love the projector we have! The, usually awesome, 42″ TV seems like the wall-TVs child…which is special. Basically the story is this. Our neighbors are students and they went home for their Christmas break so we told them we would watch the house for them using our manly muscles as a deterrent for potential thieves. In exchange for our protection services we asked for their sexy projector…win win. They are back tonight so we have to make use of the projector one last time. We are taking it to whole new levels of awesome. Currently we have an Xbox and Sky Go set up on it, flavour country folks!

We have come to the conclusion that the projector is magical. How can a little box make TV be so massive on the wall? Black magic yo! Myself and Padriag had to figure out if we could interfere with live television by messing with the mouse pad (an iPod touch app, so much technological brilliance going on here today) while watching a WWE match. It didn’t work for some strange reason but we had fun trying! Observe!

I love projector,


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