A Vibe For Philo #27

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It’s that day again…the 4th of January. This day marks the passing of Phil Lynott, my favourite frontman of all time. Once again Irish radio passed it over with just a mention. I think if it wasn’t in the corner of page something of some stupid paper they wouldn’t even know…such is the state of radio stations on this country. “Ok coming up after Rihanna is more Rihanna followed by Adelle and then Mumford and Sons. But before all that let’s hear Rihanna featuring Adelle and Mumford and sons! Wow what an afternoon! Don’t change that dial!” Kill me.

So once again nobody in mass media cares about marking the death of the the most influential music star this country has ever produced. There are legions of Thin Lizzy fans across the globe that would assume Ireland comes to a stand still on this day, and we should. I do. The fourth of January is Thin Lizzy day for me. When I get settled at home I am going to pop in Jailbreak and listen to every second of that album before watching a live DVD with a beer or two to toast Philo.

So song of the day obviously is a Thin Lizzy song. I could have posted Jailbreak, The Boys, Black Rose, The Farmer, Dancing in the moonlight or any number of fantastic Lizzy songs! I wasn’t sure which to post but I guess this will prove my point. A poem Phil wrote adapted by the excellence of the band around him that turned into one of the best songs ever written. Phil at his best in terms of his writing, the best lineup of Phil, Brian Robertson, Scott Gorham and Brian Downey…and of course LIVE! I give you “Still in love with you”. This is one of the greatest songs ever written or performed. If you have never heard this song there is clearly something wrong with you. Rest in peace Phillip you wonderful bastard!

“Are you out thaaaare?!”


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