Christmas Party Notice

Why would you get ME to print the notice for the work Christmas Party?! Backspace…ClipArt…Type…Ctrl P!

20121205-081450 p.m..jpg
Damn it, I typed ChristAMS?!! Stupid keyboard and faulty brain. Still, I made a point. They annoyed me so much this year that I have lost the ability to spell check. I will have to convince them that ChristAMS is a new alternative Christmas where Turkeys eat people and gifts give You! Stevemas 2013 folks, you know it will be better. No religion, No Santa and loads of Pizza.

Take that Jesus! You’re not real but devilment is. Hussah for the Shopkeep!



About thecityfathers

We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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