Born is The King

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They say “66 was a great year for English football…King Eric was born” and they would be right. However the 27th of November 1992 is the day King Eric was truly born. Twenty years ago today Eric Cantona signed for Manchester United for a 1.2 million pounds. It seems so measly by today’s standards doesn’t it? Especially considering Liverpool payed nearly 20 million pounds for Jordan Horrenderson.

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Voted as Manchester United’s greatest ever player and holder of the title of “King” Eric Cantona changed the face of football. He was simply amazing. In five years at the club he led us to four league titles and two FA Cups…starting the domination we all know and love today. (Have that ABUs!)

I wanted to post the video of my favourite Cantona goal to commemorate this wondrous occasion so here it is. No, it’s not “That Goal”. Although it is brilliant and the celebration is iconic…apart from Brian McClaire showing up to ruin the whole thing…the goal was just another Man United goal in a season. My favourite Cantona goal is the one he scored in the FA Cup final against Liverpool in 1996. Five minutes left in the final, a scoreless game was about to limp into extra time until King Eric scores a magical goal. A few things to note.

A David “Calamity” James howler.
The technique in the finish.
The wee baby Paul Scholes.


Can I talk about Eric without mentioning that moment of pure genius? No, once again, not “That Goal”…although it was genius. I am of course talking about his response to reporters after he Kung Fu kicked a dirty scumbag fan for abusing him constantly. I remember listening to that match on the radio with my dad and the commentators went insane! We had no idea how bad it was only that Cantona was a nutcase so it was probably bad. That’s right kids, this was before Sky Sports showed an insane amount of games, 24 hour news and YouTube. You had to wait until the news came on to just see a picture of an incident if it was a midweek game! Dark, famine-like days. Not a crum of broadband to use your non-existent Twitter machine on! The question is asked and Eric replies with…

“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

So on a day like today “we’ll drink we’ll drink we’ll drink, to Eric the King the King the King, he’s the leader of our football team…”

Au Revoir (obscure Nike ad reference)


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