Just sayin’ – Marketing Bullshit

Every freakin ad on tv and radio uses the phrase “You will love our prices”! What does that even mean?! How could you love a price? Sure, I could possibly like a reasonable price. You know, kiss it in a pub, bring it back to the SteveCave and have my way with it before kicking it out the door in the morning with cab fare taped to it’s head… but love it? Marriage, kids, mortgage, SUV in the suburbs? Not for me.

Here is the type of bull you hear on the radio or see on TV that is supposed to make us spend money on their shit.

20121114-073108 p.m..jpg

Hi Sarah how are you?
I’m great Mary…especially after my weekend away in the G Hotel Galway. We had a spa day, gym, cycling and a great dinner all thanks to the wonderful staff at the G Hotel Galway.
Ohh wow Sarah that sounds great! I need to try the G Hotel Galway myself!
You should. Why not give them a call at 091-(whatever) or on (whatever).ie, you will LOVE their prices!

Love a price?! Who can possibly say they love a price? You tolerate any price other than free. Am I right?! This is just dumbass marketing speak shoveled out from these soulless corporations. They cut prices and subsidize it by cutting staff pay and entitlements. They go without food so you don’t have to…still LOVE that sweet sweet price now?! That’s reality yo!

This phrase has been coined by marketing graduates around my age. These same fuckwits are the very same people that used to think the Killers “somebody told me” was the best song EVER back in my day! Oh yes, these are the same people that were puking outside Supermacs at 3am while still intending to shag the neighbor. They have done their J1 and are back to ruin your day with this nonsense!

“Love the prices”? Yes, that is why people go to places. Hey drug addicts out there…do you buy your heroin from shady lads because you love his prices? I hate this world and all of the gullible pricks in it.

Just Sayin’


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One Response to Just sayin’ – Marketing Bullshit

  1. David says:

    So what’s a good radio ad for a hotel ?

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