Climbing Back from the Ledge

Howya Fuckers,

I haven’t been posting here much for the last while. It’s not that I lost interest in the site because I still love it, I especially love Steve’s posts. I think he has a unique talent with his musings. I basically tried to remove myself from the internet a little bit until recently. I felt I was spending/wasting too much time doing dumb shit with my life. Like reading every single tweet on my Twitter feed, having full conversations on status updates via the comments on Facebook, Watching YouTube videos for hours and talking to random strangers. I guess moving here and not knowing anybody made me even more of an introvert for a while. But anyways, I’ve been forcing myself back into society lately and things are back on track a little so you may see more of my god awful blog posts. I’m no Steve, that’s for fuckin’ sure.

So with that out of the way I wanted to post so of my own thoughts. So in my last job I was working a quazi management role, I was managing setup of projects e.g. designing working standards, processes, assigning some work to people but I didn’t have any power to hire or fire but even then I used to catch a lot of shit from certain people at work. Not maliciously, these guys were just being friendly and talking shit to me. I never thought it might be something unique about me that draws this kind of attention until I got over to America. Literally within the first month, I went from the quiet new guy, everybody is respectful and polite too, offers advise on how best to do certain things, what’s good in the area etc. to being called a young dumb fuck. Again this is not bullying, this is friendly shit talk and I love it, it creates a fun atmosphere. I find it funny getting so much shit for being Irish, it’s not meant to be malicious at all, it’s just the one thing that sets me apart. Here’s a couple example of my interactions. I thought I would share, to protect the funny bastards identity he will be referred as Old Man. Also in case anybody reads this and gets all defensive because it’s somehow awful for an American person to make funny of Europe or Ireland, relax, I was the one that started the shit talking between us when one day I told the guys it was ok if they didn’t know something, I only know because of my superior European Education

The guys say I have a habit for going completely off point when I talk so on day I irked the Old Man: “What the fuck are you talking about, I say one thing and it just sets you off. It’s like opening a box of Lucky Charms to take out one marshmallow clover and the whole cereal spills out” and this is after I bought him lunch for his Birthday. The guys ask what will you do when you leave us? I said probably work on rebuilding my self esteem

I just got caught contradicting an insult from yesterday. Yesterday I was giving him shit for not being able to remember something because he’s a useless old fucker but then today I was giving him shit saying how he probably remembers back to when there was no tv and he was playing with a ball and string. He caught me out. Which lead to his conclusion that It’s ok though, he doesn’t hold my poor European education against me, because I’m “a dumb Scottish fucker who can’t talk properly because I’ve got Peat turf in my mouth.” Old fucker..

Here’s another gem, I never though Peat turf was worthy of an insult.
Me: “You like Offspring too? So that’s Green Day, OffSpring and Radiohead. That’s strange, old people in Ireland don’t listen to such recent music. Do all old people here listen to such new bands or are you an exception?

Old Man: “Fuck You Peat-Head”




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