Gangnam Style…

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Gangnam Style? What the Jumpin’ Jesus Christ is this horseshit?! Apparently this video has 5684 bajillion million hits on YouTube and in turn has been added to my list of reasons to die. It’s in such awful company as the music of Rhianna, wet cardboard and the company Sony.

What do people see in this crap? This toolbag says “Umpa something or other” then “Gangnam-style” before the most awful collection of sounds assault your eardrums at rapid pace which then leads to Captain Fuckwank ‘singing’ “Heeeeeeyyyy sexy ladies” then “ump, ump, ump.” This entire bowl of steaming arse is recorded with Autotune…my most hated of all noises.

I think if I was to commission a group of people I despise in the music industry to record a “song” that would infuriate to the point of mass murder they couldn’t come up with anything worse than this. Even if it was Rhianna featuring FloRida, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and of course that talentless fuckwit Kanye West.

20121023-072318 p.m..jpg

This leads to believe that this was designed to annoy me. Somebody out there made this happen so I would kill myself leaving the blogosphere without it’s favourite son…allowing him to pick up the pieces and take my sweet sweet views. Well it’s not going to happen! We’re here, we’re queer and we don’t negotiate with terrorists! I know it was you Kanye West…you will be destroyed. When I can prove it was you I’m taking you to court for crimes and the science of sound.

Aside from my thoughts on this musical equivalent of a rectal exam I wonder why people actually like this. I am operating under the assumption that you out there, the musically unwashed, find it so awful that it is funny?? I get that, but if those unwashed out there find it laughably terrible…can you imagine what I think of it?

Drained it,

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