Song of the…uhhh…Era

As I sit here on my last night in what has become lovingly known as “The Montana” I’m feeling sad. I have lived in this house for six years and I’m being shafted out. I moved in here back in 2006 with my very good friends Philip and Triona. They got this wondrous place a few months before I moved in and I landed when Triona went to America for the summer. I totally 3rd wheeled it majestically.

Skipping ahead many years and skipping major changes in life I find myself here on my last night in 63. I have lived here on my own for 2 years and loved every second of it. As you you know I hate people so removing people from my living environment was a good thing for my life, make sense?? Well this is my last night in my fortress of solitude, The Montana… The SteveCave.

I was going to post a “Best of” about some of the absolutely batshit crazy stuff I have seen on this little booze-fueled street in Galway as my farewell but I wanted my last post from here to mean something. Trust me the “Best of” is coming but not tonight.

I have put up with dirty, ape-like students fucking up this residents area for six years and I have not committed murder. I think I deserve a medal from the president for restraint. I have many tales and I will be posting a top 10 in the next few days. My next-door neighbour has a little girl and how she puts up with running a home and dealing with these little student shits that fuck up our street at night time is beyond me, she is amazing to me. The elderly lady across the road who’s husband is in full time care puts up with this bullshit on a nightly basis. I see her carer call over with her meals and of course to check on her on an almost daily basis. How she continues to live on this street is beyond me.

I was trying to find a song to some up my bad experiences with people waking by my house while kicking bins and annoying residents and I could only think of one song. There are many lyrics in the song that conjure up images of this little street in woodquay but this one takes the spot-on cake.

“Just ’cause you’ve have a couple of cans you think it’s alright to act like a dickhead.”

Goodbye 63, you have served me well. I’m off for a risky game of Street Countdown with Mrs.Steve, she’s going down…hopefully.



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