Let’s throw my friend from the top of Croke Park!

So my friend Connor walked up to me at work today and asked “Wanna pay to see me jump off of Croke Park?”. Without a seconds hesitation I handed him my wallet and told him to dig deep! Who wouldn’t want to see their oldest friend jump off of the forth largest stadium in Europe even though he has a wife and a baby?!

For those of you from overseas this is Croke Park.

20121002-073004 p.m..jpg

Croke Park has a capacity of 82,300 and, as I said above, is the forth largest stadium in Europe. This place is huge by any standards. Think Wembley Stadium big! It is home to our national indigenous sports, Gaelic Games. You overseas people would love it! There is Gaelic Football and Hurling. To mould the two together in the interest of saving time here… it is a game played with 15 players on both teams, all cousins. They carry big sticks and hit a tiny ball while running around furiously beating the piss out of each other in tiny shorts. There are very few boundaries in terms of man on man physical violence. Is it a bit homo-erotic? Sure, but we love it.

20121002-073802 p.m..jpg
This is last weekends All-Ireland Final where Donegal played Mayo. Donegal won by 87 punches in the balls to 56. What a game of football it was.

Ok back to business here. Connor is doing a charity jump thing from the top of the stadium and should you wish to donate a little bit of cash you can help him out here. That is a link to his mycharity page. He has signed a provisional contract to guest blog about his experience under the title “The time I jumped off a Stadium”.

Help him out folks, it is for a good cause. Also it will be hilarious watching him wet himself that high up! His target is only €250. We can do this people. Let’s smash that target and throw a man off of a stadium. For glory.



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One Response to Let’s throw my friend from the top of Croke Park!

  1. cd says:

    Thanks Steve. It is my pleasure to risk my life for such a noble cause as the IRISH MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE ASSOCIATION. If anyone wants more information about the disease or the association themselves visit http://www.imnda.ie….even if you cant afford to make a donation a repost of this page on your social network page would be great because the need to raise awareness is just as important as the need to raise funds.

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